Breaking Traditions: Consider These Underused Wedding Ideas

While tradition keeps things grounded and sometimes, sacred, they’re losing their appeal in some events, such as a wedding. In fact, more couples are becoming brave enough to go against traditions, from not wearing a white gown to skipping the multi-tiered wedding cake. That’s right, breaking traditions at your wedding isn’t a bad thing, and would by no means doom your marriage.

If you’ve chosen a country-style wedding venue, that’s already a small step away from tradition, since many couples used to consider either churches or gardens only. So to make your special day even more interesting and unforgettable, go all out and break as many traditions as you want!

Below are some lesser-known and nontraditional wedding ideas that totally rock:

1. A Whimsical Theme

For the longest time, weddings have been sticking to a particular motif, and all guests are required to arrive at the venue wearing that motif. Otherwise, they’ll stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the photos.

But while a motif isn’t unappealing, they make your wedding ceremony and party look monotonous. The bridesmaids look almost identical, and the groomsmen even more so, because they’re all wearing exactly the same tuxes.

Hence, try a fresher motif by having a whimsical-themed wedding. In such a theme, brighter splashes of color are welcome, and your guests and entourage can wear quirky Bohemian clothes. For the decorations, you can use multicolored balloons, streamers, floral arrangements, and even mismatched chairs.

2. Skip Fancy Table Centerpieces

Fancy table decorations can break the bank, so consider skipping them and opting for leafy chandeliers instead. They’re a more unique and prettier alternative for rolling table garlands.

What’s more, leafy chandeliers can make your venue more rustic and forest-like. It brings the outdoors inside, making a winter wedding feel warmer, and a summer wedding feels airier.

3. Wearing a Bolder Wedding Dress

You don’t have to choose a bold-colored wedding dress if your heart is still in white. What you can embolden is the style instead. It will surprise your guests, your entourage, and your groom.

Some nontraditional and alluring styles include feather accents (and a feather headpiece), sequins, art deco embellishments, a high slit, two tones, and a shorter length. They completely disregard the symbolism behind the white dress, but nonetheless, they’re still formal, elegant, and chic.

wedding photograph

4. Ditch the Tux

Tradition dictates that groomsmen must wear a tux, but if you’re getting hitched in the summer, the gentlemen will be a sticky, sweaty mess underneath those clothes. So if the weather is your concern, consider ditching the tux in favor of more modern-styled suits or tunics. They’d suit rustic and beach weddings perfectly.

5. Go For Fashion-forward Bridesmaid Dresses

If you can skip the tux, you can definitely skip the traditional floor-length bridesmaid dresses, too. But what’s more fun about bridesmaid dresses is that there are more ways to make them go against tradition.

For one, you can make them all-white, as opposed to a color that mismatches your wedding dress. Contrary to popular belief, making your bridesmaids don a white dress won’t cause you to stand out less. As long as your style is distinct, you’ll always shine the brightest. Just have your bridesmaids wear tea-length white dresses to make your own dress pop even more.

Floral bridesmaid dresses are becoming more popular these days as well. But if you’d rather start a trend rather than follow one, consider menswear-inspired, in which your bridesmaids will wear black. They may choose one-piece pants, suit, or a tux. Your girlfriends might even thank you for it, because trousers are much more comfortable than skirts!

With these tradition-breaking ideas, your wedding may just go viral on social media and inspire other couples. If you’re feeling a little embarrassed about going against the norm, remember that following traditions isn’t the reason weddings become successful. Instead, it’s the couple’s enjoyment and their commitment to one another.

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