Protecting Yourself as You Go Back to the Workplace

Since economies have already reopened and a lot of businesses and establishments are resuming their operations, folks who are called back into their workplaces have one question in mind: how can I ensure my safety when I go back to work? 

Your health and safety should never be compromised as you go back to work. Here are some ways to keep yourself protected at work and keep the coronavirus at bay:

  1. Never leave home without your protective gear

People have different jobs. Some work in comfortable offices, others in factories, while others do fieldwork most of the time. Regardless of the nature or location of your job, you should never go to work without the proper protective gear like masks, gloves, and other PPE to keep you safe from COVID.

  1. Comply with COVID protocols

On top of the usual workplace safety protocols, you should also strictly observe the COVID protocols set by the WHO and CDC. They are there for a reason. COVID is unlike anything we’ve ever faced before. We still haven’t completely figured out how it actually works as different mutated variants keep being discovered. Obey the guidelines. This is especially helpful when you’re providing out-of-office services, such as licensed general contracting services, and you’re in an environment you have no control over. Don’t be a part of the COVID statistics.

  1. Ensure that your workplace has high safety standards against COVID

COVID is a silent intruder. It doesn’t come tooting its horn. Instead, it silently creeps into different places via the aerosols from those who are infected. These aerosols are released in the air by simply just talking to people, coughing, or sneezing.

For this reason, you need to do your part and be vigilant when it comes to office safety measures. Each worker should be held accountable for holding the highest workplace safety standards. You can’t just leave everything to those in charge. You need to take ownership of your workplace, too. After all, we’re all in this together.

  1. Plan your commute to work well

Going back to work means going out in public to get to the workplace. Minimize the risks of exposing yourself to the virus by planning your day well and avoiding the crowds when you commute as much as possible. Check into the public transport system to make sure it is safe.

  1. Stay away from

    crowded elevators and break areas

Similarly, working in tall buildings and skyscrapers pose the risk of being subjected to crowded elevators. Getting caught in a cramped space with too many people leaves no room to keep a safe distance from people.

  1. Clean and sanitize your workspace frequently

Because you can never tell if someone at work is asymptomatic, the chances of contracting the virus in your office are almost the same as being outside. That’s why wearing a mask in public places is important. But even if you do have your mask on, it is still recommended that you clean and sanitize your surroundings frequently to eliminate germs and bacteria, including the coronavirus.


  1. Get vaccinated

When the virus first became an epidemic in China, scientists and medical experts were already trying to figure out ways to contain, if not cure, it. When it became a global health crisis, they worked double-time to come up with efficacious vaccines to help protect the general populace from being infected. Now that we’re already more than a year into the pandemic, governments all over the world have been rolling out their vaccination programs. Getting yourself vaccinated is one of the best ways you can keep yourself and your loved ones from contracting the disease.

  1. Stay vigilant and encourage everyone to observe proper COVID safety measures

Even if there are now vaccines available, this doesn’t mean that we should already drop our guards. The vaccine is just a safeguard, an added layer of protection, and not a license to be reckless. We should maintain our vigilance in the workplace and in public. And we should remind and encourage others to do the same if we want to defeat this global enemy once and for all.

  1. Talk to your manager and employer about any health concerns

While there are general guidelines for workplace safety and COVID protocols as recommended by the WHO and CDC, not all workplaces are created equal. If you see that there are certain health and safety aspects that need to be reinforced or improved, let your manager or employer know. Talk to them about your concerns respectfully and try to help come up with solutions to address the issues.

  1. Wash and disinfect your clothes and mask upon getting home

After a long day at work and much exposure to different people and environments make sure you wash and disinfect your clothes and other stuff when you get home. The chances of you carrying the virus with you are high so don’t get too overconfident with how you wore your mask at all times and kept your distance from people. Take a bath, too, before you interact with any member of your household, lest you be the one responsible for them getting sick.

Your health and safety and that of your family should never be compromised as you go back to work. Stay watchful and take ownership of your workplace. Pitch in whenever you can and never let your guard down when you’re outside.

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