Most Sidetracked Activities for the Average Millennial Due to COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, a lot of normal activities for the average person got sidetracked for another time. The pandemic has neutralized movement between businesses, governments, and people around the world. The number of business ventures and transactions that were halted was unprecedented and has never been seen before. Governments imposed restrictions for millions, making it hard for people to go on their usual activities. For the sake of distancing themselves from others, public spaces were deemed unsafe for normal daily human activity. Countless events and tours were canceled and moved to the digital space.

Millennials, in the prime of life, are considered one of the most affected age groups of the pandemic. While all took a hit because of the restrictions, it became especially hard on the millennial age group because it is the prime of their lives — they have the money, time, and strength to keep up with life. A lot of the millennials are now in their prime years when they can spend on things that matter most — whether it is on travel, personal events, or large investments. As many were forced to work from home by their respective companies or a mix of that setup, hope evades for normalcy as it is predicted that it can take up to five years for the world to recuperate from the pandemic.

What are the most sidetracked activities that the average millennial missed due to the pandemic?

In-Person Weddings

Because of the pandemic, a lot of weddings were either postponed or just simply canceled. A lot of risks are involved when planning for and actually attending a wedding. Hundreds of in-person weddings have been shamed on the internet because of the haphazard and generally careless attitude when it comes to the transmission of the virus. Millennials are generally blamed because the majority of the people getting married are millennials of age.

The general consensus for the public is that it is the wrong time to hold a wedding even if you have already paid for anything. In the United States, for example, there are multiple reports that weddings have been the cause of breakouts and the spread of the virus. Fortunately for those who care enough, weddings were either moved to another date or taken online. A lot of people opted for simple wedding venues with just family and a few friends to celebrate the occasion. The fewer the guests, the safer the event. Hopefully, because the vaccinations are already underway, things can go back to the way there were. It is a sad note in every dreamy bride’s memory.

big city

Vacationing in Crowded Cities

Vacationing alone in a romantic city in Europe has always been a dream for a lot of millennials. Thousands of movies have settings involving being lost in a crowded city and finally meeting the love of your life there. Romanticized places plus all the ancient history to be uncovered in these large cities have always been the subject of stories around the world. Be that as it may, it is unfortunate how the pandemic has killed this industry.

One of the heaviest hit continents around the world is Europe, and the virus is leaving no signs of it slowing down even with the berth of the vaccine. It is reported that most tourist spots are now modern ghost towns, with businesses being closed permanently. Fortunately, nature has begun creeping back and healing these areas. As flora and fauna are replacing humans in the previously crowded cities, more and more localities are realizing the importance of taking care of their surroundings. Lack of human activity is one of the salient points of the pandemic, which has caused surprising results. Hopefully, when everything goes back to normal, the intermingling of the peace that the pandemic brought and the bustle of the economy brought by tourists can co-exist.

Public Travels with People

Due to social distancing protocols, public transport has become extra dangerous. According to recent studies, even people who are asymptomatic can easily spread the virus similar to those who are experiencing symptoms. That is why it is important to stay at least a few good meters away from other people and to keep your hands to yourself when outside. Keeping away from people and keeping your hands to yourself are two of the rarest things you can do if you are traveling outside. Chances are, the people beside you in public transport are already infected with the virus.

Social distancing is important to help decrease the spread of the sickness. Public transport for the average millennial is unfortunately taken away by the pandemic as well. Being thrifty travelers, most millennials are not one to own a car. If they had to travel, they had to be extra careful. Their best option is to safely remain at home. It is one of the most basic forms of activities that were taken away from the daily life of an average millennial. With any luck, it will all be over soon.

As we grind towards our hope that the pandemic will end someday, what we need to do right now is to not become part of the problem. We may have let go of a lot of activities because of the health protocols and restrictions, but that doesn’t mean it will be forever.

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