Money Down The Drain: What’s Driving Up Your Water Bills

It might be surprising to see your water bill increase when you haven’t made any changes to your water consumption. Sudden spikes in your bill may be caused by drips and leaks that worsen over time. Take time to search for any problems or damage in your appliances, pipes, and fixtures before they create further bill hikes.

Hidden Pipes are Leaking

Check every pipe you can access for leaks. If you don’t find any, there’s still a good chance that a hidden pipe might be leaking. Leaky pipes are dangerous not only for your water bill but also for your health. They invite mold and rot, which are harmful to come into contact with. Leaks are often caused by either frozen pipes during the winter or high water pressure. Contact a plumber to inspect and repair the pipes in your home. My Buddy the Plumber LLC recommends looking for a licensed professional with proof of insurance, in case you run into any issues after the repair.

Your Toilet Is Running

Person pushing down the flush buttonIf you find your toilet perpetually flushing hours after you’ve used it, shut off your water valve immediately. Your toilet could be running for quite some time now, gradually increasing intensity until it becomes noticeable. One way to prevent this is to do a dye test regularly. All you need to do is drop a small amount of food dye into the toilet tank. If color appears in the bowl within 15 minutes, it’s time to inspect your toilet.

Start by opening your toilet tank and looking for the rubber cap that releases the water into your bowl when you flush. This is called the “flapper.” Apply pressure to the top of the flapper to see if the water stops running. If it does, it means your flapper is no longer doing its job of sealing water in the tank. Bring the defective flapper to the hardware store so you can find an identical replacement. If your toilet is still running after you’ve replaced the flapper, the problem might be a broken fill valve, broken fill tube, or mineral buildup. You need to call a professional for these issues, since replacing these parts is complicated and time-consuming.

Your Tapware and Bathroom Fixtures are Outdated

If you’re living in a house that’s more than 10 years old and you haven’t replaced any faucets or shower heads, they might be the reason for the leaks and your high water bills. A drippy faucet can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year. Consider replacing them with new WaterSense certified fixtures. WaterSense certified faucets are 30% more efficient than regular models.

Issues with your water consumption can usually go unnoticed. Running toilets, leaky pipes, and dripping faucets look like small problems, but they add up. With a dripping faucet that consumes about 450 gallons of water per month and a running toilet that wastes 6,000 gallons per month, you are putting way too much money down the drain. Scheduling regular inspections from licensed plumbers is essential. Fixing water issues now will help you save both money in your wallet and the environment.

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