Maximizing Your Home Space Without Overspending

One of the things that quarantine has taught us is that we could never have too much space in our homes. Space is our friend against the pandemic, and it’s also vital for our very sanity. Having family members stuck with us in a confined space for long periods can undoubtedly damage a part of our minds.

This is why many Americans opted to create more space in their homes during this pandemic. The act of creating more space isn’t as moving some furniture around. It is all about minimalism and letting go of things you don’t need. Furthermore, it’s all about changing your landscape to fit your current lifestyle. Here are a couple of ways you can maximize the space of your home without spending too much money.

Reduce Walls

The first step into putting more space into your home is to reduce partition walls. Partition walls are relatively common in American homes since many value their privacy. However, as fewer people start to live inside these homes, there is less need for these walls.

Reducing partition walls is a part of the open floor plan. This is a pretty new floor plan that challenges contemporary models of the American home.

Partition walls can easily be removed with the use of sledgehammers. However, consider letting your local contractor do it for you if you’re inexperienced. It’s for a reasonably low price, and it could be finished within a day. If you have a bit more budget, consider replacing supporting walls with support beams instead. It’s a costly endeavor, but you’ll notice the difference in space right away.

Reducing walls can give your space for you to move your furniture around. Moreover, it gives you more space to have multipurpose rooms. You’ll notice a stark difference in space when the project is complete.

Use Walls as Part of Your Storage

We all love having bookshelves, cupboards, and other pieces of furniture to store our things. But it turns out you don’t need them! Your walls can be used as storage for less than half the space. You can drill small planks into your walls and use them as makeshift bookcases. If you’re experienced enough, you can carve the wall to create a concave for all sorts of items.

The walls are flat and don’t take space. So by using them as your storage for all sorts of things, you’re reducing the hefty space needed by pieces of furniture.

Have Lofts Everywhere

Vertical spaces are hardly utilized in homes, but they can be an excellent place for beds and storage areas. Building lofts is pretty straightforward, and anyone with construction experience can do it. But if you want some added color and beauty into your loft, you can ask a contractor to do it for you.

Lofts can utilize the vertical spaces in your home, and you can practically have one anywhere. Just make sure to have a safe way to reach these lofts and ensure that they are sturdy enough for the weight of the people who will utilize them.

Utilize the Outdoor Parts of Your Home

house front

If you want to have more space to sit on or maybe admire the view outside your home, then it’s time for you to utilize the outdoor parts of your home. You can do this in various ways.

You can create a flagstone patio by yourself. Don’t be scared of this. It’s pretty simple to do! There are many guides on the internet for DIY patios that can surely help you out. Another option is to use a wraparound porch for your home. These porches are cheap and easy to install and add another layer to your home. It’s great to have during the summer as it gives you a place to sit and enjoy your iced tea.

Move Fences or Take Them Down

Fences are great, but they can be a hindrance to our freedom. American backyards are some of the biggest in the world, and you should take advantage of this. By moving your fences to maximize space or taking them down, you have more space for your plants and other backyard decorations.

If you’re unsure how to maximize your yard space, you should consider hiring a professional to help you out. Contractors specializing in fences can undoubtedly help you out. They can also give you tips and tricks to make your backyard a lot more spacious.

Space is a resource we tend to lack nowadays because of the pandemic. But through these simple hacks, you should have more space than you can ever imagine inside your home.

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