Getting over Your Fear of Medical Tests

Your hands are clammy. Your heart is raising. You can’t think straight. You jump when the nurse calls your name. You’re in a hospital and waiting for the results of your medical exams. You know that you’re perfectly healthy, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling anxious. How much anxious do people who have prior medical conditions feel? We can only imagine. But then again, experts say that some people—even perfectly healthy ones—may feel more anxiety than those who have currently serious medical conditions.

While waiting for the results of your ultrasound services in London, what can you do to calm your fears and worries? First, you need to recognize that it’s normal for you to feel this way. You are facing the unknown. If the results are negative, your medical condition will affect your job and personal life. It is especially worrying if you have to wait for days before getting the results of the test. All kinds of scenarios will run around in your head.

Again, many people go through the same thing. It’s in how you handle it that you’ll differentiate yourself. Understanding why you feel this way will help you address these worries and concerns.

Don’t Search for Your Symptoms on Google

One of the reasons you’re feeling more anxious than ever is that you’ve read on the Internet that your symptoms could mean a serious medical condition. In your mind, the tests are simply confirmation. You’ve already decided that you have a particular condition you read about on Google. Don’t do this to yourself. These articles were written as a guide. They are not a diagnostic tool. They shouldn’t be used as such.

Bring with You Some Company

You need a distraction. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, bring someone with you to the doctor’s office. It will be nice to talk with someone while you wait for the medical results. Be careful whom you choose to go with, though. You shouldn’t be with a pessimist—someone who’s going to worsen your fears and anxiety. Be with someone who knows how to take your mind off things.

Know Your Doctor

doctor and patient

Find a specialist. Find someone experienced and well-qualified to make a diagnosis. You will be comfortable if your doctor is someone you trust. Read up as much as you can about the doctor you’re going to see. Past patients will give you an idea of how this doctor is in the consultation room.

Be Honest with Your Doctor

Tell the doctor about your fear of needles, for example. Most of the time, doctors can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. The doctor can show you presentations, videos, and demonstrations that the procedure is in no way painful. As for the tests, if you’re particularly anxious to know the results, the doctor can recommend for the results to be rushed (as long as it’s not going to affect the result’s accuracy).

Finally, consider going through therapy. If you’re this anxious about a medical test, what more in other parts of your life? Maybe your anxiety is already affecting your relationships and clouding your judgment. You might need to seek professional help to handle your feelings.

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