Enjoying the Midwest As You Travel to the State of Kansas

It’s that time of the year again when you have start planning your vacation interstate visit all over the US. This time, you want to try to enjoy the midwest, particularly the state known for its native wild sunflowers, which is the Kansas state.

This destination might not be a popular pick for most travelers, but there are in fact a lot to see and discover in it. Now, you’re probably searching through possible places to visit and activities to enjoy during your visit which the state is abundant of so it wouldn’t be a problem. But to help you create a perfect travel plan, here are some suggestions that will undoubtedly make this trip even more fun and something to look forward to.

1. A Tour to Their Breathtaking Prairies

Get ready to be in awe as you take a long scenic stroll to some of Kansas’ most astonishing prairies. Among the places that is worthy of your visit is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve which is located at the north of Strong City. There is virtually wide span of preserved acres that could totally amaze you. From floras and faunas to ranch living, you’ll definitely experience all of those here.

2. A Gastronomic Trip to Spring Hill City

No travel is complete without tasting the state’s most pride dishes and cuisine. In Spring Hill, KS, you’ll spot variety of restaurants serving local and delectable meals that will delight your tummy. You’ll most definitely love the state’s special barbeque specials along with some yummy chicken and veggie kabobs, turkey and swiss griller and many other recipes.

3. A Stroll to Their Impressive & Enlightening Museums

Aside from its wonderful grasslands and prairies, Kansas houses some of the greatest arts and culture centers. The city of Wichita is especially the best destination to go to. You’ll find the Exploration Place, Old Cowtown Museum, Wichita Art Museum, as well as The Museum of World Treasures situated in here. If you want to go on a wildlife trip, you can also visit the Botanica Garden which displays handspring reds of flora and fauna of all kinds.

4. A Look to the State’s Swedish Culture

a couple traveling

Back in 1869, Swedish immigrants start coming by and settling in Lindsborg. 150 years later, the city still manages to preserve the Swedish culture in their system. If you happen to visit the city, you will spot variety of Swedish influence even to this day. From their food, art, festivals, attractions, and many other things, the city keeps that intact. You’ll even find stores and shops selling items that flaunt Swedish origins and heritage.

The Sunflower State is a destination you must include on your travel bucket list. It has the complete tourist experience you can ever ask for. From abundandant prairies and grasslands, delightful foods and drinks down to rich culture and heritage, it lacks nothing and is everything you could ask for. So if you want to go on an interstate adventure, the state of Kansas is worthy to be visited.

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