Dream Wedding: 9 Themes to Consider

Being engaged is a wonderful feeling. It’s also scary, but the excitement of getting married soon feels like no other. One of its dilemmas, however, is deciding which wedding theme to follow. There is a lot to choose from after all. You may be bound to get lost a bit because the choices are all divine in their own way. If you’re clueless up ’til now, your organizer for your dream destination wedding in France might help you come up with a decision. You can also refer to the list of themes below:

1. A romantic wedding theme is all about light colors, delicate lights, florals, and all things mushy. Many women like this theme because it gives them all the good feels. If you choose this route for your wedding day, be prepared for lots of pastel colors and chandelier lightings, flower walls, etc.

2. Like a romantic theme, a vintage wedding can give the bride and groom a sense of old-school romance. But, more than that, it can give you an old-world charm. This is the right time to put out the antiques. If you want to save, there are a lot of DIY ideas that can transform ordinary pieces to look old yet appealing. A vintage theme wedding is not complete without classic cars so make sure to discuss that with your organizer.

3. Of course, all kinds of weddings are romantic, but what sets a whimsical theme apart is its childlike aspects. A whimsical wedding can evoke playful emotions. It’s about bright colors and a few bohemian accents. You can use colorful balloons when going for a whimsical theme. The use of streamers and mismatched chairs are also called for. Don’t forget colorful flower arrangements as well.

4. Are you the “It Couple?” Chances are, you’ll like a modern theme wedding. This setting is up-to-date and features the latest stuff in the wedding world. If other themes like to splurge on colors, this theme follows a stricter concept. It uses geometric shapes and adheres to minimalistic design. It also makes use of clean lines. The seats used would mostly be structural and the cakes, also, minimalist.

5. Are you and your partner into rock music by any chance? The alternative theme, as the name suggests, is mostly for couples who like moody music. Beat tradition and opt for dark colors and strong patterns. From the lighting to the giveaways, most alternative theme weddings emphasize moody colors like black or red.

6. A rustic theme offers a homey feel to the couple and their guests. It features things like mason jars, lace, woods, twine, barns, etc. Most couples who choose this theme like to do a bit of DIY. It’s also realistic to choose a country or a rural venue like barns.

7. The garden wedding theme may be used a lot in the past, but this one never goes out of style. It’s amazing to get married in a garden, especially in spring or summer. This ceremony focuses on nature. It can be a garden near the beach or an English garden.

groom and bride kissing inside wedding marquee. Garden Wedding

8. Couples who practice green living can celebrate their advocacy by going with an eco-friendly wedding theme. A little ingenuity will go a long way for this theme. You can use biodegradable confetti for your grand exit. You can also use plants as table decors. Aside from that, the invitations must be made from recycled paper to keep it as green as possible.

9. Last but not least is the traditional wedding theme. This may be one of the oldest themes there is and it’s still here for good reasons. People dress their best in this setting. This is a regal affair and there is a sit-down dinner. It’s very formal so people are in their long gowns and tuxedos.

Getting married to the person you love is a dream. Celebrating it and preparing for it can make the occasion more special. Choose your ideal wedding theme and have the best day of your life!


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