Unsure if you need to attend a dental check-up?

Finding time out of your busy day to go and get a dental check-up isn’t always easy to manage. However, there are several things that regular check-ups can prevent, and this is something that should always be taken into consideration. Having any kind of dental issues can be an irritation at best to some people, or a slightly worrying time for others. Your phone beeps and you are reminded that you need to attend a dental check-up.

In recent times, it has been harder to attend dental check-ups, due in part to COVID-19 and social distancing. But, as the world is slowly returning to normal, it will soon be back to that all-important (or annoying) biannual visit.

While you may not see it as overly important to attend these check-ups, you must visit your dentist Chelsea, at least twice a year, to ensure that your mouth is healthy.

By doing so, you may avoid the following issues which your dental team will be able to prevent and treat with less invasive and more comfortable procedures.

Oral cancer

Being one of the most common and most treatable of all cancers, oral cancer is easily spotted during a dental check-up.

Your dental team will assess your gums for texture, sponginess, and colouring to determine whether there are any risks. Also, they will enquire into your lifestyle and may offer you help with smoking cessation tips and dietary advice.

If signs of oral cancer are spotted, do not worry. You will be referred on quickly for more definitive testing.


Cavities, the small brown holes in your teeth, are some of the key things that regular dental visits can prevent.

Depending on the size of the cavity, your dental team may be able to treat it with a fluoride sealant in the very early stages and a filling when it is more advanced. But, if left for too long, cavities can cause abscesses, dental discomfort, and even lead to gum inflammation. If it is at this level when you attend a check-up, you will likely need either a root canal or an extraction.

Stay up to date with your check-ups!

Gum disease

dental chairs

Much like cavities, early signs of gum disease can be treated with a simple scale and polish and prescribed antibacterial mouthwash and toothpaste.

In the more advanced stages, you may need to attend more regular visits with your hygienist, to slow down the progression of the periodontal disease. And usually, such visits will occur alongside standard check-ups.

Sleep apnea

Many dental patients are often confused as to how a dental check-up can help with issues such as snoring. However, you would be surprised at the fact that getting checked by a professional can often alleviate many of the most common dental worries and concerns. If you have been having issues with snoring, regular check-ups can help your dental team to assess your mouth for any causes and refer you if needed. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnoea and need an oral device, check-ups can help you and your dental team communicate regularly about how the device works.

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