Modern and dynamic dental treatment using Invisalign

The benefits of technology have allowed dental science to create dental appliances not only able to alleviate malocclusions, but with attributes which give patients the motivation to be treated. Using a dental appliance that is virtually invisible has been one of the most important benefits of Invisalign St. John’s Wood. For a long time the only way to have your teeth straightened was by wearing a rather uncomfortable metal dental brace. The introduction of Invisalign using an array of appliances made from a clear dental material has opened up a whole new world to those suffering dental misalignment. And Invisalign designers are not satisfied with their achievements to date, as they constantly strive to improve their products and already revolutionary systems.

A new age

Invisalign uses modern digital systems to design and communicate. The use of dental putty to create a mould of your teeth has been replaced by digital images using scanners that can produce thousands of images per second. These images provide far more accurate pictures of the entire interior of your mouth, This allows algorithms to produce detailed and precise information so that your dental aligners will provide the result required. Invisalign does not work in the same way as traditional dental braces which employ blocks attached to your teeth, wires and bands. An Invisalign aligner could be mistaken for a gum shield, because they fit over your teeth so snugly. The beauty of them is that they are clear so they are quite inconspicuous.

Variations of Invisalign treatment

girl wearing aligner

There are different Invisalign aligners for different ages and conditions. Invisalign First has been designed with young children aged between six and ten in mind. These aligners are designed to aid the development of children’s jaws and arches creating room for both existing and new teeth. A version called Invisalign Express has been created for where only minor movement is required. Invisalign Lite aims to achieve results within a four month window. For more serious conditions they have Invisalign Comprehensive which is patient dependent and is designed to achieve results within six to twelve months.

Additional aids

Certain conditions may require more than just the aligner to move teeth and Invisalign has developed a revolutionary method to ensure that the precise load is placed on those stubborn teeth to achieve the desired result. Tooth coloured bonding material may be required which will be placed on the relevant teeth, this bonding is easily removed after treatment. It can be placed on the front of your teeth or on the inside. In more difficult cases buttons with elastics may be necessary, these buttons are an additional aid to help move your teeth.

Wearing the Invisalign aligners

The aligners must be worn for at least twenty-two hours per day, they can be removed to eat and brush your teeth. The duration of the treatment depends on the condition being addressed. Once the treatment has been completed it will be necessary to wear a final aligner to help your teeth settle into their new position. After a few weeks this final aligner can be removed allowing you to confidently reveal your new smile.

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