Dental SEO to help you become the best dental practice in your area

Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO consists of a system of techniques and strategies, which are designed to work together, to help patients find a preferred dental practice in this overcrowded market. Not only is dentistry an overloaded market with multiple dental practices available in each area, but the internet is also a very busy place. Most dental practices have highly modernised, attractive dental websites for their businesses and without a good dental marketing strategy in place with strong dental SEO, your website and your dental practice can become lost in the crowd.

The importance of market research and knowing your competitors

If you have a dental website in place then it is important that you update and modernise this website to make sure it is in keeping with current trends, but you must also take extra measures to help you stand out from your competitors. Your website needs to be tailored with dental SEO in mind. This requires knowledge of the system of different techniques and strategies which help Google recognise that you have the answers or solutions for the dental needs and requirements of the people in your area. To do this you need to find out what the people of your area are searching for with regard to dental topics. This is known as keyword research and tells you which dental terms are being typed into Google, so that you can tailor your website and online content to include these areas of interest. The role of keyword research is to help attract patients who are already interested and give them that extra push that they may be looking for, to approach your practice to speak to a dentist, and book an appointment to address their needs.

person searching on Google

For patients to be able to find you when they are searching for their dental needs you are required to be listed at the top of any Google results pages for dental searches in your area. This is known as local SEO and means that when terms such as ‘dentist near me’ are typed in by someone in your geographical vicinity, then Google will list you at the top of the search results page, because it knows you have the answers that your patient is looking for.

Google Search results

There are different sections which make up the search results list and you can pay for Google advertisements which guarantee a top position and are a highly effective way of directing potential patients to your website. However Google advertisements can be expensive to maintain, especially if you are a new dental practice or business has been slow and your marketing budget is small. In this case, firstly you need to create a Google my business page which is a free tool that allows you to upload all your important information, so that a patient is able to find your contact details, your address, email address, opening times, location and anything else which you may like to include which may help your patients find you more easily. Speak to a digital dental marketing team to help put together a strong dental marketing strategy with Google SEO for you today.


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