Dental check-ups and why they are so important

Are you inevitably thinking about postponing your next dental check-up?

Below are just some of the reasons why attending these appointments on a regular basis are so important.

Healthy teeth and a healthy smile

Whilst the appointment may last only 5 to 10 minutes, the impact of this short appointment is fundamental. It may be that your daily clean has been on top form and there are no issues apparent, leading to you being sent on your way for another 6 to 12 months. On the other side of the coin, it may be that your oral hygiene process is not quite up to the standard needed to maintain a healthy smile. Therefore, a little more time, more appointments and more follow ups may be needed. No matter which one applies to you, your dentist Navan can guide you.

Keeping the health of your smile at a good level enables you to spend more time living life, rather than having to pull yourself away for more extensive and expensive treatments or procedures. By attending regular check-ups, early signs of plaque build-up, tooth decay or gum disease can be discovered and dealt with promptly. The early detection also prevents further unnecessary damage from occurring. Protecting your time and protecting your finances.

Maintaining a healthy body

Dentists protect your health by removing plaque from the areas which are often harder to reach. Whilst this may sound like a standard approach to having the teeth checked over, in truth the dental team are not just trying to protect the teeth, but also putting systems in to protect the body from cardiovascular issues, cancers, heart attacks and strokes. Studies have shown that high levels of plaque within the mouth can be connected to other health problems and therefore by attending your dental check-ups and managing what happens within the mouth you are also putting in steps to protect your overall wellbeing.

Dentist and patient having a dental procedure

Cancer screening

When seeking to protect your health it is also important to uncover the more sinister health problems early on. Cancer, one of the more common illnesses, is something that, when caught early on, has the potential to be treated. This is why within the check-up appointment a cancer screening may be carried out. Whilst at no point should you be scared about the process, carrying out this simple screening can help uncover any early signs of the disease and help create a plan of action should one be needed.

Exploring further options

Once you are comfortable with your team and understand the current state of your oral hygiene, it may be that you wish to explore your dental options further. Whilst the internet can provide you with a variety of information on different cosmetic treatments or procedures, it is only by discussing your ideas with your dental team that you will be able to decide which route is for you and whether the process is possible. After all, suitability for a dental process cannot easily be discovered over the internet.

Postponing the check-up appointment can become a habit and before long the regular check-up can become the irregular check-up to non-existent. Whilst the trips to the dentist may not seem important, the impact of missing them can be great in terms of your health, your time and eventually on your wallet. Therefore, keep checking in with your dental team and protect your oral health.

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