How Can Young Caregivers Live Their Lives While Taking Care of Elderly Parents?

If you ever feel too stressed out about the prospect of caring for your elderly parents, don’t fret because you are not alone. Plenty of young caregivers feel that they cannot move on with their lives because they have to care for their elderly parents. It’s okay to feel guilty. It’s okay to be stressed about it. We’re all humans, so we are bound to feel emotions that we are not comfortable with. However, if you’re still doing your best to climb the corporate ladder while maintaining relationships and caring for your elderly parents, pat yourself on the back. You are doing fine. If you feel exhausted, it’s part of the process. You will eventually get your bearings.

In such a busy society, it’s easy to forget about yourself. You are so focused on making sure your parents are okay that you neither have the time to catch up with friends or get a full eight hours of sleep. It’s important to think about yourself because you cannot give what you don’t have. This means you cannot provide the care and love your aging parents seek if you don’t have them for yourself.

Find a Primary Caregiver

You cannot be your parents’ primary caregiver if you have a family of your own and a career to take care of. While your parents can live with you, it’s easier to find a home care service for them. The primary caregiver will be the one to care for their everyday needs such as medication, bath time, and exercise. Your role as their child is to spend time with them, talk with them, and share with them your life and even family. If you eliminate the stress of having to physically care for them at home, you will be more emotionally and mentally prepared for their needs.

Talk to Them About Living Your Life

Do not hide from them if you want to meet with friends. Don’t lie about needing to go to work at 10 in the evening when you’re really going for a drink. The worst thing you can do is hide to your parents about wanting to live your own life. It means you’re thinking they want to tie you to their needs. They only want the best for you, so it’s okay to show them you’re having fun, too. That’s what they would want anyway. As long as they have someone who would help them at home, it should be okay for you to pursue your career and hang out with friends.

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Take Care of Yourself

Your parents don’t want you to not take care of yourself. Show them you are eating right and exercising regularly. That will even inspire them to do the same. You can take them out for a jog. That could be your bonding time with them. Take them to the public park. They can soak up the rays of the sun while you jog for a few minutes. It’s important to spend time with nature when you’re under a lot of stress. The same can be said about your elderly parents.

Accept Help from Family and Friends

Friends and relatives will be worried about you, too. Accept the care and love you receive. If they offer to look over your parents so you can get a haircut or a massage, do not hesitate to accept the help. If you need help, reach out and allow them to take over your responsibilities for a day. Even your parents will want you to take a day off from all the work that taking care of them entails.

Introduce Them to Activities

Look, you need to understand that your elderly parents have their own activities as well. Even if they are in their senior years, they may still want to meet with their friends. They may even want to take some classes such as ballroom dancing, Zumba, and other activities that they can still do. Don’t hinder them because you think these activities will weaken them. Not doing anything at home will bore the elders. They may sink into depression. Talk to their doctors about the kind of activities they may do while at their age.

You are still your own person despite needing to care for elderly parents. That shouldn’t stop you from living your life or hitting the pause in your career. A lot of people do that and end up resenting themselves and their parents. Don’t be like that. Focus on yourself as much as you focus on your parents’ health and well-being.

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