Working Out Safely Amid a Pandemic

There are two ways you can keep yourself safe from COVID-19. The first one is to never go out of your house. Have your needs delivered to your home. Pay all your dues online. Is that possible? The second one is to boost your immune system by doing three things: sleep well, have a balanced diet, and work out as much as possible. It is the third thing that we often have a hard time doing these days because we’re afraid to go to the gym or even run in the public park for fear that one of those things will put us at risk.

While these concerns are warranted, these are not enough reasons for you to stop any form of physical activity. It is one of the most important activities you can do to fight off the virus’ ability to penetrate your health. Boosting your immune system by working out is a surefire effective way to protect yourself. Combined with following safety protocols, you’ll be on the path to good health.

Consult With Your Doctors

Are you not sure how to work out safely during the pandemic? Do you not trust the things you find on the internet? Some people are so scared about going out that they haven’t so much as taken a step outside their doors since April last year. But although you are protected from the virus, you’re putting your physical and mental health at risk. Before you begin working out again, consult with your doctors. And no, you do not have to step outside your home to do that.

Thanks to technology, you can consult with your doctors through teleconferencing. While there are apprehensions about the telehealth pros and cons, they are beneficial for those who could not and do not like to go to a doctor’s clinic. Ask your doctors about what safety precautions you need to take before working out again. Plus, it’s also better to have a thorough checkup before doing strenuous exercises once more. Make sure that you’re fit for the amount of exercise routine you want to do.

Wear Your Mask

Running or walking briskly in public means you have to wear your mask. Follow government protocols when it comes to this. Wearing a mask is mandated in several states while others allow those exercises to take off their masks provided that they are not near other people. When jogging in secluded areas, it’s safe to assume you can take your mask off to rest or drink water. But as soon as you step into a public or crowded area again, put on your mask.

If you are having a hard time running with your mask on, do brisk walking before sprinting when you’re in a more secluded area. Brisk walking and jogging have the same effect as running. It makes your heart beat faster, thus burning more calories.

Find a Spot

You may not feel comfortable yet in public parks or even in the gym. Find a spot where you will feel safe. Maybe it’s a secluded area on the beach or a small vacant lot near your house. Exercising does not require you to be among a crowd. Even in the gym, you can find a private room where you can do your lunges and squats. If someone attempts to go near you, kindly explain that you want the area for yourself.

woman stretching before a work out

Talk to the Gym Management

If you are the kind of person who needs gym equipment to work out, talk to your gym’s management about the safety protocols they imposed. Find out how they control the number of people in the gym and how they sanitize the gym equipment afterward. If you feel safe with their protocols, you can begin going there at least once a week until you are comfortable enough to do it regularly.

Build a Home Gym

You can build a gym of your own in your basement or garage. You need a few gym equipment, of course. However, if your budget does not allow for you to purchase these items, you have two options. The first one is to rent the equipment for a lower price than purchasing them. The second one is to do workouts that do not require tools and machines. There are plenty of resources on the internet that will teach you how to make your own dumbbells using water bottles and sand, for example.

It’s important to take care of your health before, during, and after the pandemic. Working out is part of the routine to better health. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from being fit and healthy. Isn’t it bad enough that it put your life to a halt for almost a year? Don’t let it get to your health, too.

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