Canine Companions: Should You Get A Dog?

When days are slow, and you’re not entirely sure what you should be doing, pets always got your back. Whether it’s playing with toys, taking them out for a walk, or simply nuzzling with you while you watch your favorite show, having pets can help keep you busy. This is especially true now that we can’t really go out so much due to events that have transpired last year. Having a cat, a dog, an iguana, or even a small hamster can provide you with the emotional boost that you need.

Dogs are known for being one of the most popular choices for pets. Everybody loves having a canine companion by their side. Not only are they great companions; they’re also known for their unconditional love for families and will do anything to protect someone from danger.

But other than helping protect the family and being a good friend that you can rely on, how does having a pet dog help with your health? Fortunately, some studies have suggested that having a canine companion is good for your overall health.

Here are some things you need to know when getting a dog:

Helps Make You More Mindful Of Your Health

Firstly, one of the best reasons you should get a canine friend is that it’s a good way of being more cognizant of your health. It goes without saying that dogs are some of the most active pets. Compared to other types of pets, they’ll need a good amount of exercise and a more active lifestyle if you want them to be in a healthy condition.

If you leave dogs inside your home for a long time, there’s a chance that they will get restless in the process. That said, pet owners should start taking their dog out for a walk or playtime with them for around 30 minutes to at least 2 hours. Not only will this help burn off excess energy that could make them feel restless, but this can also keep them fit in the process.

Recent studies have shown that pet dogs have a major influence on the active lifestyle of an individual. This is usually because owners are forced to take their dogs out on a walk.

Still, it’s important to remember that dogs will have their own unique daily nutritional needs. Because of their unique biological makeup, dogs can’t eat certain types of food, like chocolate, and will need a good amount of protein and energy for their daily needs. This can be tricky since many dogs will need a well-maintained and well-balanced diet while also ensuring that the food is safe for consumption. Fortunately, you won’t have to look far since there is a nutritious and hypoallergenic dog food specifically designed for your pet’s nutritional needs.

women walking their dogs

Makes You More Sociable

Another crucial reason dogs are an important part of any family is that they can help improve relationships between individuals. Although it might not seem like it, dogs can help bring people together. It’s known that people can easily approach others if they are with their pet dogs since they are known for making people less intimidating.

Having pets is also known for being a good way of starting conversations since many owners love talking about their canine friends.

Helps With Disabilities and Mental Health

The benefits of having a canine companion have been recorded throughout much of history that there are many instances where dogs are used to guide those who are visually impaired. Even during the early 20th century, guide dogs were already put to use for those that are disabled.

In certain situations, dogs have also been trained to help individuals in times of emergencies. Many of these dogs can call for help, especially seizures, cardiac arrests, and anxiety attacks. It’s been known that a dog’s sense of smell can detect early signs of seizures.

Helps Detect Serious Complications

Lastly, dogs are known for having a unique sense of smell that could filter out chemicals and pheromones in the hair. This is one reason why dogs in airports and crowded areas could effectively sniff out contrabands when needed. But what about diseases? Well, many dogs have been trained in their sense of smell to detect problems with diabetes and cancer.

Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. Not only do dogs help pass time and provide good company, but they’re integral to your overall health. There are a lot of studies that have shown that dogs are great for individuals that have disabilities while also having a positive effect on the overall health of the individual.

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that dogs will require regular maintenance. If you’re planning on getting a dog, you must be ready for the big responsibility. Not only will you need to train your companion; you’ll also need to ensure that he or she remains healthy.

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