Birthday Party Themes That Are Great for Teens

Planning a teenager’s birthday party can be a struggle for busy parents. They are no longer amused with kiddie themes such as Disney princesses, Ben 10 Alien or Cars. They are more influenced by celebrities and prefer grown-up themes, down to the games they play with their friends.

As parents, of course, you want something that would be fun and exciting for them and at the same time, appropriate for their age. So, when planning a party for your teen, it is best to ask for their ideas and then just add in a few practical details. For party games, you can work together to decorate the official cornhole bags and other accessories according to the theme.

Here are some of the most popular party themes for teens.

The Survivor Theme

This popular reality TV series has been adopted as one of the best party themes for teenagers. It is easy to set up obstacle courses, games and tasks for the participants. They can also come to the party dressed for the competition, which is easy to accomplish.

The host can prepare camping materials such as a tent, firewood and fresh food for cooking. The kids can take the challenge for putting up a tent and test it for sturdiness by stimulating a tropical storm. A cooking contest can also be done with limited utensils and ingredients, with the tastiest and most delicious dish getting a prize.

This can be an exciting time for teens to bond and celebrate their birthday in a way that is no longer childish and boring.

The Harry Potter Theme

This is a party favorite, even for adults! There are so many Harry Potter party paraphernalia that can be bought from party shops and online stores, so it can be convenient to set up. You can decorate cornhole bags to become part of the popular Harry Potter Quidditch Game. Partygoers can then take their respective houses and play the part of being a wizard at the party.

You can even pattern the food served on the foods that the movie has popularized, such as the Butterbeer, the Huffle Cheese Puffs, Golden Snitch and Chocolate Frogs. With this party theme, the ideas are endless, especially if the kids are Harry Potter die-hard fans.

The Coachella Theme

Coachella-themed party

This party theme is specifically suggested for teenage girls, though partygoers can also enjoy dressing up to the theme. This theme encourages the laidback, Boho style dresses and outfits. It is after the hottest music festival, so you can craft tickets, banners, wristbands and arrow pointers for the activities around.

A Coachella party is actually a very versatile kind of party because it can be described as a mix of Bohemian, Indian and rock stars. Decorations range from floral, teepees, balloons, dream catchers, hair braids and cute tattoos. For party food, you can explore fresh fruit servings, juices and sandwiches. But fried varieties are also very much welcome, so load up on burgers, hotdogs and tacos. A Coachella party theme is never complete without music and a photo booth corner, of course.

Parties are never complete without party games. Teens and adults can have hours of fun playing cornhole. It can be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors and can be set up as a tournament with really exciting prizes.

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