How can artificial intelligence help with marketing dental surgeries?

Many people are asking what they can expect in 2023, especially relating to successful online marketing campaigns for groups like dental surgeries.

It is predicted that many of the trends that make a dental surgery successful at attracting patients will not change too drastically. After all, social media is still going strong, as is the need to stay at the front of Google search engine results pages to attract more patients. But one area that is going to grow more in 2023 and beyond relating to marketing is the area of artificial intelligence.

You may be wondering how AI can be used to help your dental surgery to tick all of the necessary boxes relating to SEO and marketing. This will be explored more here.

Analyse patient data

AI can be used to analyse patient data online by using machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends from the data, which will play an obvious role when it comes to boosting dental marketing. These systems can use this information to provide insights and predictive analytics for medical treatments or diagnoses. AI can also be used to automate mundane tasks such as data entry or documentation, freeing up time for medical professionals to focus on patient care. It can also be used to improve accuracy and efficiency when managing healthcare records or to conduct research

Targeted marketing

AI can be used to target marketing for dental surgeries in a variety of ways. Some specific examples include using AI to analyse customer data, such as demographics and customer behaviour, to target specific markets and to generate insights from customer behaviour, such as what services they are more likely to be interested in and how to target them more efficiently.

As well as this, if your dental surgery patients have signed up for email marketing, then an AI bot can analyse and assess what they have been looking for on your dental surgery website and will then send them an email about that service, boosting their engagement.

Market segmentation

AI can help to identify different market segments by allowing your dental practice to analyse vast amounts of data that can be used to create profiles of different customer types, such as those who are more likely to purchase certain products or services (like oral implants), the most relevant channels to reach them (social media) and so on. AI can also help to monitor and track customer behaviour, which can assist dental practices to identify and target new customers.

Scheduling appointments

AI technology can help automate scheduling appointments, reducing the time and effort it takes to book appointments and send appointment reminders. It can also recommend appointment times, fill unused appointment slots, and enable automated patient reminders.


It is also worth considering the role of chatbots on a dental surgery website. They can help people to find what they are looking for on your surgery page, schedule appointments, and cancel appointments and can also offer them advice relating to dental treatments that may be suitable for them. This will encourage better customer engagement and will help boost the website’s popularity.

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