8 Attic Improvement Ideas That Will Blow People’s Minds

An attic room has a lot of potential if you know what to do with it. It can be more than just a space for storing your seasonal junk.

With the right insulated roofing, wall treatment, and flooring, you can transform that dull and dreary space into a fun and functional one.

10 Attic Room Conversions That Will Amaze Your Guests

1. Playroom

An attic playroom gives your kids more than enough space to play and run around in. When converting an attic into a playroom, always consider children’s safety as your top priority. Once you’ve got that covered, you can go crazy with all the fun elements.

2. Bedroom

An attic bedroom makes a lot of sense. You have all that bare space with untapped potential. You can do whatever you want.

Traditional, country, contemporary, minimalist — anything you want as long as you’re comfortable in it. And since you will be sleeping in it, make sure you have your roof insulation updated.

3. Game Room

A game room is another fun attic-conversion idea. You can have an area dedicated to console gaming and a separate nook for board games. If your attic is structurally strong enough, you can even bring in a pool table for when the boys come a-calling.

4. Conversation Nook

Transforming your attic space into a conversation nook that has a cozy set-up is perfect for entertaining guests and for long intimate and meaningful conversations with your loved ones.

5. Home Gym

A dedicated space for a home gym will make staying fit and healthy a lot easier. You no longer need to wait for the gym to open up. You just need to get some exercise equipment and a lot of determination and discipline and you can achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.

6. Home Theater

A sure-fire way of successfully maximizing wasted attic space is turning it into a home theater. Set it up with a widescreen smart TV, some comfortable couches, surround digital sound, and a minibar. You and your family and friends will be spending countless hours enjoying movies and shows.

7. Bathroom small bathroom

If you don’t have enough space for a pool deck, why don’t you convert your attic into a private bath instead? You can have a tub brought in, a hot tub, and perhaps a sauna, and you already have for yourself your very own home spa.

8. Office

Work-from-home is easier when you have a dedicated workplace in your house where you can focus on the task at hand. Converting your attic into a personal office is, perhaps, one of the wisest things you can do with it.

9. Library

For bookworms, an attic library is a great weekend getaway from reality. You can line up one of your walls with floor-to-ceiling shelves. Another side could have a desk and chair for studying. And another spot by the window with a La-z-boy, a side table, and a lamp for weekend read-a-thons.

10. Apartment

Now for the pièce de résistance, if your attic is quite spacious enough, you can turn it into a small apartment unit. It could bring you a good return especially if you decide to rent the space out. Just change the plumbing a bit so you can add a separate toilet and bath and a kitchenette and you’re good to go.

When you do remodel, always keep in mind that everything you do must still comply with your local building code to ensure your safety. Happy remodeling!

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