Why are invisible aligners so popular? A quick overview

In the last 10 years or so, adult orthodontic care has had a bit of a facelift and now it is possible for you to get straighter teeth without the use of fitted metal braces.

This has come as quite a relief to many people, as orthodontic braces are not exactly the look most adults want to go for in their day-to-day life. But in order to be suitable for invisible aligners, you have to be deemed to have a mild to moderate misalignment, which is fortunately what most people have. If your dentist or orthodontist decides that you have a more complex case of dental misalignment, then you may be more suited to wearing a clear fitted brace.

The most famous option available for the majority of people is Invisalign Wagga, and in this article it will be explored in a bit more detail why this aligner has become so popular.

They are quick

One thing that makes invisible aligners different from most forms of orthodontic tools is that they are quicker for the average person, an invisible aligner will take between three to six months to straighten teeth

This means that you can undertake orthodontic treatment ahead of a special event such as a wedding or a graduation ceremony, which is going to be helpful as it allows you to plan easily

They are invisible

As the name suggests, invisible aligners are invisible, or the closest thing to it! They are made from a clear plastic which is custom fitted to slot over your teeth like an invisible sports guard. This does not mean that they are not susceptible to staining, however, and in order to keep your invisible aligners pristine, you will need to clean them at least once a day with cold water.

They are easy to use


Invisible aligners are also exceedingly easy to use for most people. They involve simply putting them in for the majority of the day and night, taking them out when you are going to eat, washing them under cold water taps and taking weekly selfies with the associated app to send to your dental team. There are fewer appointments than there would be with a traditional orthodontic brace, which means you will not be spending every 2 to 4 weeks planning a trip to your dental surgery.

They are removable

As mentioned earlier, invisible aligners are also removable, which means you can take them out as and when you need to. But most dental teams will advise that you only remove them when you are eating food or drinking a beverage that is not water. This is because in order for them to work they need 22 hours per day in your mouth, so you will even need to wear them to bed.

They are affordable

While this may all sound very fancy, many people are happy to learn that invisible aligners are more affordable than they realised. The majority of dental surgeries and orthodontic surgeries that offer invisible aligners can also offer you payment plans to help you spread out any cost into affordable monthly instalments.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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