What People Love About Monaco

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world with only over 39,000 residents. It measures only 202 hectares, but it is known as one of the richest across the globe. It is even smaller than the Central Park of New York City, but it attracts tons of tourists every year.

Aside from the fact that Monaco is home to wealthy individuals, the city is also popular for many other exciting features, including yachts, casinos, wine cellars, and culture-rich museums. It also has some interesting laws and rules, which make the place even more fascinating to tourists.

Below are some of the highlights of Monaco that tourists love.

Yacht Shows

Every September 25th to 29th, the city holds the annual Monaco Yacht Show. This is where around 500 yacht companies exhibit the latest models of their yachts and superyachts. Highly influential people, including billionaires and celebrities, visit the city to participate in this prestigious event.

Upscale Casinos

The city-state is also famous for being a gambling paradise because of its extravagant casinos. Tourists from all over the world can visit these sites: Casino de Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo Bay Casino, Sun Casino, and Casino Cafe de Paris. Some of these casinos, however, impose a strict dress code. So, if you plan to visit one of these sites, you need to check if there are rules you need to take note of.

Also, while gambling is a popular activity in Monaco, there is a strict government law that bans all locals from betting their money on casinos. There is no apparent reason behind the law, but the government clearly wants to leave all the money-betting activities up to foreign visitors.

The Monaco Grand Prix

car racing

For motor racing enthusiasts, you can enjoy watching Formula 1’s annual motor racing event, which is held every last weekend of May. The event takes up more or less six weeks to set up the race track. Aside from the race track, 33-kilometre safety rails are also placed to ensure that the Circuit de Monaco will be completely transformed into an official race track.

International Circus Festival

Every January, Monaco holds the International Circus Festival, which showcases 25 top acts. Performers from all over the world participate in this annual grand festival. They present their outstanding performances at the Chapiteau of Monaco.

Learning more about the city’s attractions might convince you to buy a property in Monte Carlo or other parts of Monaco. If you are prepared to jump into the rich people’s city, you can own a property by preparing a budget of $4,560 per square foot. Aside from this, you also need to prepare enough budget for daily expenses.

If you are interested in moving to Monaco, you will experience living among millionaires. You will also enjoy 100% of your income because the principality does not collect income and property taxes. The government imposes laws that benefit its residents to continue living their luxurious lives. Do not hesitate to approach real estate agents to assist you in finding the perfect place to settle in the independent and beautiful state of Monaco.

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