Warm and Sunny: Planning a Tuscan Interior Design

Italy is a land of beauty. Its aesthetics is enduring, and it always inspires you. If you are able to visit the country’s Tuscan region, you might have had an encounter with the warm yet elegant appeal of the homes and their interiors.

This particular space aesthetics is so renowned that it has found its way into the interior design of offices and homes all over the world. Tuscan interiors can be classified as sun-inspired and rustic. Some variations are incorporated with grander elements such as opulent columns and elaborate window frames. Nature is also a key element here.

If you are looking to use Tuscan interior design for your home, here are some of the tips to keep in mind:

Plan the colour palette

If you are planning your design, you may want to start with the colour palette. It is important to notice that the main shades of this particular design are derived from nature. So you may want to use brick, greens, and terracotta. Some designs may use neutral yet warm hues, such as beige and cream. However, it is not unusual to see Tuscan homes using blues and greens, as these are used to give the space some cool vibes, especially during summer. Adding texture to the colours may also help you achieve the Tuscan design; you can do this by using plaster.

Be earthy

The construction materials of Tuscan design are also recognizable. Often, Tuscan homes use limestone and sandstone. Although, it is also usual to find home interiors that use marble, especially for the decorative features, such pillars and arches. For the roofing and canopy, terracotta is often used. It is also important to note that wood is commonly used for cupboards, window frames, and ceiling beams. For accents, you can use wrought iron and some vintage metal (just treat it properly to control corrosion).

Choose appropriate décor

The decoration for Tuscan interiors is quite varied, and it employs furnishings and fixtures with clean lines. Wood, marble, and iron are the most commonly used materials. For wooden cupboards, you may choose to leave them open, so you can display your artisanal pots and plates. Long antique and wooden tables are also common in Tuscan homes. For your sinks and even chandeliers, using wrought iron is a good choice. For your living room, you may place wrought iron tables to hold your books, a squashy sofa, and a warm carpet with interesting patterns.

Don’t forget the outdoors

Tuscany loves the sunny outdoors, and it makes sense to take advantage of your patio. Other than having comfy chairs, wooden tables, and wrought iron stools, you may want to place terracotta pots with Italian-inspired greens. You may also choose to grow a small vegetable and herb garden somewhere. Don’t forget to install a water feature such as a wall fountain.

Enjoy the warm Tuscan aesthetics

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Tuscan interior design may be something that you’d want to try if your taste and personality are all leaning towards sun and warmth. It is also perfect for those who are fans of cottage and rustic aesthetics; think of it as the more elegant version.

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