Up Your Style: Dressing Up for a Fun Night Out

Keeping an active social life may take a lot of extra effort, but spending time with your friends or significant other might just be what you need to melt the stresses of daily life away.

Whether it’s a casual movie date or a plan to paint the town red, dressing up could be fun and exciting. Take this time to express your personality and unique style. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Hip doesn’t mean revealing

You can stay sassy, sexy and chic without having to bare too much skin. It’s also a misconception that you have to dress daringly just to get the attention of the guy sitting next to you.

You can wear a leather jacket, boots, or a dress that you really feel good in. If it’s revealing and sexy, that’s good too, but don’t feel pressured to wear skimpy outfits. If you’re not comfortable with it, don’t bother. Dressing up is all about being yourself and having fun.

You can never go wrong with gold

Gold accessories never go out of style. Whether you’re going to an intimate dinner or casual coffee date, wearing tasteful and elegant accessories will always make you look better.

If you’re not into big necklaces, you can wear a light chain type of women’s gold anklets. This will accentuate your legs and feet if you’re wearing a dress or short skirt. Some anklets also come with charms or small bells that make a light tinkling sound whenever you move. It’s a fun and whimsical way to accessorize.

Wear the right shoes

Wear sensible shoes to stay comfortable the whole night. You can wear heels as long as you know you can dance or walk in them. Alternatively, you can wear boots with heels because they offer more support and cushion to the feet.

Another tip is to wear block heels and avoid pointed-toe shoes for maximum comfort. These stylish shoes look great, but they can hurt your feet and calves. There are some occasions like awards nights and black tie affairs when you’ll be obliged to wear them, but until then, stay on the side of comfort.

Do your hair

Beautiful young girl with gorgeous long curly hair

One of the great things about dressing up for the night is being able to play with your hair. The style will depend on the kind of affair, event, gathering or occasion you’re attending. For more formal ones, you can pull your hair up in a bun or a French twist.

Curling and straightening irons can also help you achieve a well-put together look without spending hours at a salon. Just apply mousse before straightening or curling and set the styled hair with hair spray. If it’s a formal or glam event, you can accessorize with pins and bows. If it’s a party or a rave, pull your hair up in a high ponytail so it stays the whole evening.

Glamming up for the evening also means doing your makeup. For maximum effect, let your eyes take care of the entire look. You can have well-defined brows and smoky eyes with an extra later of falsies. This works for both formal gatherings and all-night parties. Choose a lippie that complements your outfit.

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