Understanding the Place of Honeycomb Panels in Your Industry

Honeycomb panels are fast becoming the material that most industries are adopting for building structures with high compression properties. These improved compression properties are from the counter-plane design in the panels. In most applications, you can use different materials to sandwich the honeycomb design. However, on all that, you will need to consider the following:

The structural material of the honeycomb panel

All honeycomb panels can come in the same honeycomb design, but the building material can vary. For some, you can have that in any metal of your choice, whether aluminum, chrome, steel or copper. You also can have yours come as a composite material of all these metals.

The size of the honeycombs

The size of individual honeycomb units can also vary depending on the material that you are using. Sturdier materials such as steel may not require as smaller honeycomb units as are the lighter and more malleable materials. For metal honeycomb panels from aluminum and copper, the honeycomb units should be small and close to each other to achieve the same strength as steel honeycomb panels.

The structural characteristics of the sandwiching layers

The materials with which you sandwich the honeycomb panels may seem an acritical factor here. However, they play a central role in enhancing the structural properties of the honeycomb panels that you are using. Besides, with the right choice of material for the sandwiching layers, you can maintain the structural strength of the panels for a long time. That assures you of extended service life and a return on investment.

The application areas

The particular industry applications that you intend to use the honeycomb panels can dictate your choice of material for the honeycomb panels and the sandwiching layers. In some implementations, such as in interiors, clean rooms and refrigeration rooms, you can use lighter and less sturdy materials.

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Availability of the materials

When choosing your honeycomb panels, it is advisable that you go for those of materials that are easily available and in large quantities in your state. You, however, you can consider shipping in the materials if they are your only choice to have honeycomb panels that are best for your industry. But, before you do that, inquire whether your honeycomb panel manufacturer allows custom orders.


Most honeycomb panel manufacturers offer custom services for different products. Therefore, to know which particular products they can customize and which ones you only can order off their shop. Here, you may need to research to find the manufacturer that provides the most custom offers.

The manufacturing capacity of the supplier

Most manufacturers of metal honeycomb panels have the manufacturing capacity only for few panels. In this case, if you are working on a large project, your only solution will be to place small orders over time. Better still, find a manufacturer that can deliver large orders at once.

But, what’s your budget?

All these honeycomb panel design and manufacturing options will narrow down to the much that you are willing to spend on them. The best rule here is to first discuss with your honeycomb panel manufacturer to determine the payment options that you can have. From that, you can find the appropriate financing to cover the design, manufacturing, and transportation of the honeycomb panels of your choice.

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