Trend Alert 2020: Four Office Design Trends to Consider

This year’s office design trends lead towards more efficient, inclusive, comfortable, and people-friendly layouts as well as sustainable materials. And why not? Plenty of studies have shown again and again that workspace environments that are ergonomically designed can not only boost creativity and open communication but also provide ample spaces for winding down to make work-life so much easier to manage. They also enhance work productivity and employee satisfaction, which in the long run, add to a company’s bottom line. With this in mind, here are the trends you should consider this 2020.

A Workspace Designed for Diversity and Inclusivity

Aside from being a legal responsibility, inclusivity is also a moral responsibility that will help make your employees safer and more comfortable at work. Some characteristics of diversity and inclusivity are being aware and sensitive to considerations for mental health issues and physical disabilities, acknowledging fluid personal identities, and supporting collaboration and participation.

Keep in mind that a person’s physical environment can significantly influence their wellbeing, attitude, and behaviour. This means that you should work with office fit out companies in Sydney that understand how to deliver these accommodations to ensure that you positively communicate and promote your brand’s culture and values.

Sustainable and Earth-Friendly Materials

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials, whether recycled, vegan, or organic, have been making waves in the interior design industry in recent years. And this year is no exception. This year, expect sustainable materials to take the place of synthetic ones. You can also opt to use more products that are recycled, to give them a new lease on life instead of just throwing them away.

Department team in a meeting

Enhanced Work-Personal Life Integration

It is becoming clearer than ever that personal and professional lives are now more intertwined and that a lot of employees are spending more and more of their time at work. Because of this, it is your responsibility as an employer to give your loyal employees the work-personal life balance they deserve. You can build more social spaces, rooms for relaxing, gaming rooms, kitchens and cafes with a homey vibe, and gym facilities. Offices that have a homey feel helps keep employees more at ease and happy, which in turn, increases productivity, relaxation, and creativity.

Bright and Contrasting Colour Schemes

While most offices shied away from colour in recent years, this new year, it is all about challenging safe and traditional colours and embracing bolder and contrasting colour palettes. When choosing colours, however, you still need to make certain that the hues you pick are in line with your brand identity and if applicable, your company colours.

As it is with any design trend, you can opt to experiment with these ones as long as you make sure that they will not take away your brand’s values and appeal. You also do not really need to apply all of them. You can just choose which ones speak to you the most and go from there. However, do not be scared of challenging the norms and going with the changing times.

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