Traveling with a Theme: How to Do It without Getting Bored

A good thing about traveling is that you don’t have a set of rules when it comes to where you want to go. Once you’re allowed into a place, you’re allowed to pursue different places for the view and experience. Of course, you have to follow the laws of the land.

But when it comes to how you want your travel to be, the power is all on you. You can stick to visiting the most popular spots, climb a mountain, take a bike tour, explore residential structures, and more.

With the variety of choices out there, things can be a bit overwhelming—especially if you don’t know what you like. But we’re here to help you. You can plan a trip that you won’t regret because you got bored.

What is themed traveling?

Themed traveling is visiting places under the same category and only sticking to that category. For example, the theme you’re planning to go with is the sea. When you get to your destination, you will only be visiting beaches while doing side trips to restaurants serving seafood.

Trips of this type should be carefully planned, and doing so requires weeks of research, recommendations from other travelers, and the willingness to stick with the theme. Why waste your time planning everything if you’re just going to back out at the last minute?

How do you create a themed travel plan?

Creating a plan that you’ll enjoy during execution is easy. You can follow these steps to prevent downtime when you want to cancel the plan because the places bore you:

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1. Stick with a theme.

Planning a themed trip without a solid idea of what theme you’re going to pursue will make the whole planning process hard. Having one will help you filter ideas that aren’t relevant to your chosen theme.

If you haven’t finalized the place you’re going to travel to, picking a theme will help you narrow down your list of destinations. Pick one theme and avoid changing your mind every time you find something interesting that isn’t related to your theme.

2. Research is your best friend.

After finalizing the theme you want to go with, you can begin looking for places that will help your theme. If you go on a sea-themed journey, you can visit tropical countries surrounded by lush beaches. If you go to the right place, you won’t run out of places that go with your theme.

3. Create an itinerary.

There are many places for you to visit. The thing is, you won’t have the opportunity to see everything if you’re only going to stay for a week or less.

A way to make the most out of your trip is to choose the places you really feel like seeing and don’t include places that you’ll visit just because people who traveled before you said you should. The itinerary must always tailor to your interests.

A good itinerary will also allow you to make time for other things aside from sightseeing. You’ll have the chance to explore the cuisine and culture with a curated itinerary.

4. Reach out to locals.

You’re lucky if you know someone in the place you’re visiting. They will make the need to research deeply a little lighter on your side because they can provide information based on actual experiences. They can also tell you if a place is worth your time or not.

This will save you time when you’re in the middle of your themed travel. You don’t want to consume time going to a place and end up with disappointment because the information you found online wasn’t accurate.

5. Read travel books.

Some travel books might be old, but they contain a high amount of travel ideas that can help you create a better travel plan. Some travel books cater to different types of people, so make sure you pick up the ones that will help you save time and money.

Why should you travel with a theme?

Themed traveling is a good way to explore the things that interest you in different places. You will learn more things and appreciate your interests as you get into your travel. Doing this will also allow you to meet like-minded individuals. Not only do you get to experience a new culture, but you also meet people to discuss your interests.

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