The Key Design Elements of a High-End Event Space

Events are now an integral part of corporate operations. While in the past, event planning meant picking an area accessible to your participants and making sure there is enough food and drink, there is more to this nowadays. Today’s businesses want to host events that will paint their brands in the best light possible. High-end events, therefore, are all the rage.

But organizing a high-end event does not mean a high-profile guest list and the most exquisite dishes and drinks. The element you should focus on is securing a corporate event space in NYC, which reflects your occasion. This is not just a place that looks nice but also one that looks exceptional and exudes class.

Getting one with state-of-the-art communication gadgets, ample space and breathtaking views, in addition to the best natural acoustics, is your goal. These, coupled with the right event design elements, will create the best atmosphere for your event and foster attendee engagement. The following are some design elements you should incorporate into this space.


The lines in your design will be created by the venue’s architecture and the details you choose for your furnishing. The right combination of lines can make a small space appear spacious and big areas look smaller to foster communication and comfort.

The key to using lines to enhance your venue’s design lies in their balance. For horizontal lines, include tables and rugs. Opt for columns, wall hangings and drapes for vertical lines. You can also include dynamic lines to generate movement and interest by choosing curved and angled furniture pieces.


These are the shapes you create using the outlines of 3D objects. They help to balance your space and add character and drama to it. You can choose to mix all forms, including triangles, squares and circles, or focus on one shape.

To add form to your space, include oddly shaped statement pieces like sculptures and furniture, and adjust the scale of the objects. You can also draw attention to your brand’s product by recreating it in a giant size.


banquet tables

This not only affects your venue’s look but will also influence the way guests will perceive your venue. You can choose to use lighting to highlight different focal areas in the space, such as product displays, or to create a specific mood. Daytime high-end events work best with natural lighting while lights in different brightness levels and colors suffice for nighttime events.


This influences how people will physically engage with your event. You can use actual or visual texture to transform your event venue. Actual texture denotes elements like sculptures, plush carpeted floors and wall hangings while visual texture encompasses things like art and wallpaper. Both types of texture enhance your attendees’ sensory experience.

Designing a high-end event venue is not about including a few elements here and there to create an event-like atmosphere. You want it to be the topic of discussion long after it happens to guarantee you meet your objective. With the right space, incorporating the above elements of design will not be a challenge.

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