The Benefits of Clear Braces

Teeth straightening is one of the most common dental procedures. Teeth straightening is the advised treatment for orthodontic conditions such as overbites, underbites, crossbites, malocclusions, and gaps between teeth. Teeth straightening can also be the solution for cases that cannot be identified as pathological, but the teeth could be aligned in a more aesthetic manner. Many people associate teeth straightening and orthodontic procedures with the traditional metal braces. In certain cases of orthodontic diseases only this method can be applied, however in most cases today clear braces can also be applied. Patients looking to get clear braces in Buckinghamshire should consider their options carefully before booking an initial appointment.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces provide an alternative to the traditional form of braces with metal wires and brackets. They are usually made out of a clear plastic that fit directly onto the patient’s teeth. Sometimes these clean aligners are removable, which provides additional convenience. These types of clear braces are personalised by taking a 3D scan of the oral cavity and teeth and using this as a template to manufacture the braces.

For what conditions can clear braces be used?


Clear braces can be used for a wide variety of conditions. These include crooked teeth, underbites, gaps between teeth, crowded teeth. In certain cases of overbites and crossbites clear braces can be applied, depending on the severity of the conditions. There are certain limitations of clear braces though. Some patients have tooth shapes that are unsuitable for treatments with clear braces. This is because the teeth do not fit into the aligners, and it cannot get the appropriate grip on the teeth. Clear braces are generally capable of fixing milder cases of orthodontic conditions. However, in severe cases clear braces may not be suitable e.g. large gaps between teeth, serious overcrowding, molar teeth rotated over 20 degrees, etc. Patients should consult a dental professional to find out whether clear braces are suitable for their individual condition.

What are the benefits of clear braces?

Clear braces have multiple benefits compared to other, more traditional orthodontic interventions. The first and most obvious one is the lack of metal appliances in the mouth, which does not just result in an aesthetic improvement, but can also improve a patient’s confidence while under the orthodontic treatment. It is ideal for both professionals and teenagers who would like to get treatment for their milder orthodontic conditions, but would not like to have the traditional metal braces with brackets in their mouth. Another important benefit of clear braces is that in some cases they are removable. This does not just result in improved comfort, but is also a very hygienic way of straightening teeth. This means that the braces can be removed while eating, drinking coffee or other “coloured” drinks. Therefore, the patient can easily avoid the staining of the aligners. The removability also provides improved hygiene, as the braces can simply be taken off and cleaned. Another important benefit is the time efficiency of the treatment. When choosing clear braces, it is useful to note that these treatments require much less frequent maintenance in comparison to traditional teeth straightening methods.

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