How can I straighten my teeth?

So you are looking for treatment because you have a crooked smile. Maybe you are unsure of where to begin or you are looking for an orthodontist Liverpool who provides a variety of options for you to consider. Perhaps you would consider yourself a nervous patient when it comes to visiting the dentist and you are looking for a dental practice which can cater for this. A dentist will always be thrilled to welcome you, whether nervous or confident, to help you on your dental journey.

There are many possible avenues to be explored on the path to straighter teeth. Many dentists will be able to offer several options, some of which may be surprising to you.

Clear aligners


Clear aligners continue to grow in popularity in our society. They are removable which means that you can continue to eat and drink as you have done prior to treatment, simply by removing the aligner. This can also be helpful for those who wish to continue to play sports which require a mouthguard. The mouthguard cannot generally be worn on top of a clear aligner, but this problem is averted when they are removed.

The transparency they offer is another attractive feature as many patients wish to keep their straightening treatment less noticeable to those around them. This may be due to self-consciousness about crooked or gapped teeth and a desire not to add to this, or it could simply be because you don’t want to receive lots of questions about the treatment you are undergoing. So, if you want to realign your teeth and these are desires you can relate to, clear aligners could be an option for you.

Fixed braces

Where fixed braces are concerned, there are a couple of different options available to patients. The more traditional option of metal brackets and wires, or a less noticeable take on those with ceramic brackets which can also be paired with a clear wire. For both of these options the brackets are fixed onto each individual tooth using an adhesive. When these are securely in place, the wire can be clipped onto them. As the treatment progresses the wire is intermittently tightened in order to bring the teeth into a straighter position. Small elastic bands are used on each bracket after the wire is clipped on to add to the security of the brace.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers are sometimes utilised to create greater alignment for your smile where the crookedness is not severe. They may also be used to close small gaps, lengthen or correct chips on the teeth. For veneers to be fitted, the enamel on each tooth which requires a veneer will be drilled to file away a thin layer and roughen up the surface. When this has taken place, impressions, X-rays and or other necessary imaging will be taken in order to inform the creation of the custom veneers. At a further visit, adhesive will be used to bond the veneer to the remaining natural tooth. Along with improving the alignment of your smile, where veneers are utilised the colour of your teeth can be brightened to achieve a whiter look to your smile.

For more information on these treatments, or to enquire about other services, please get in touch with your local dentist.

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