Staycation: Turn Your Home into an Idyllic Paradise

Staycation is a wonderful way to de-stress, relax, and save some money while still recreating that resort feel. You may need to put in some effort to transform your home into a resort-like haven, but it’s worth the trouble since you deserve a nice break.

A good and restful break is the best way to recharge and freshen your mind and body. Even though you think you are missing out on the fun of travel, think of all the money you are saving. You can put that towards a major vacation in the future when the world opens again.

Till then, get a little creative and turn your home into your favourite new vacation spot.

Lighting Matters

Lighting is a very important part of the vacation feel. If you are experiencing dreary weather, then you will likely want to vacation somewhere warm and sunny. Light levels play a big role in preventing us from feeling depressed and maintaining good cheer.

Install an LED lighting system in the corners and recesses of your home and set them to emit warm light on a timer. This will make your home brighter and feel warmer. Because they are LED lights, they will not add a great deal to the power bill either.

Sleep Somewhere Different

Part of the experience of vacationing is sleeping in a different place. You can switch to the guest bedroom for a week so you can sleep well while experiencing a new atmosphere.

If you want a complete change then consider hanging up a hammock in the deck. A hammock lulls you into a wonderful sleep, is a great place to hang out and read, and requires very little fuss to set up.

You could also grab your sleeping bag and tent and camp out in the garden. Pack a hamper as you would for a camping trip and avoid going inside the house except to use the bathroom. This is also a fun activity to experience with your children.

Redecorate One Room

Take over a room in the house that does not see much use and turn it into a spa wonderland. Replace the curtains with the gauzy type you see in spa resorts. Hang wind chimes in the window and add posters of gentle brooks or grassy meadows on the walls.

Set up a mini sound system to play the sound of babbling brooks or relaxing flute music and use an aromatherapy diffuser to send relaxing scents into the air. You can clear out the furniture and replace them with reed mats or comfortable futons.

Consider hiring a massage therapist or a nail technician to visit you. As long as you both follow safety protocols you can experience a spa atmosphere in the comfort of your home. Better yet, set it up in your garden or open porch for better air circulation.

Rearrange, Redecorate and Repaint

outdoor patio

The power of a good deep clean and redecoration to refresh the mind is very underrated. It may be some work but the satisfaction you will feel once your house looks brand-new and sparkling clean will be unparalleled.

If you choose to rearrange your furniture and repaint your trim and doorways, then you get to feel like you have a whole new house at a fraction of the cost that a professional remodel would cost.

Re-doing the paint yourself can be a fun activity that you can share with your whole family. It’s a good bonding moment, too.

Pressure Wash Your Deck

An outdoor deck area is a wonderful place to hang out and de-stress. If you have been neglecting your deck in recent years, then it might be time to rent a pressure washer. Watching the years of grime loosen and be washed away will make you see your deck in a whole new light.

Fix up the furniture, get a simple barbecue grill, and spend your days out in the sun enjoying a tan. During the cooler months, you can build a fire pit and enjoy the frosty weather by the warmth of a pleasant wood fire.

Begin exploring nearby parks and trails as well Adventure does not live solely in faraway places; sometimes the best adventures are right in our doorstep waiting to be found.

Explore nature, document the type of plants and birds you’ll encounter, gather some flowers and edible mushrooms. You are sure to gain a deeper appreciation for your local flora and fauna. Just like an enjoyable vacation without travelling too far away from home.

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