Quarantine Birthday: Make Your Party Memorable Amidst the Pandemic with These Unique Ideas

As the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced social interactions, Zoom birthdays have become a thing. But since the world is on the brink of normalcy, social gatherings are also starting to make a comeback. You are probably not used to small birthday gatherings, but that does not mean they cannot be fun. You can make your birthday celebration intimate and memorable for you and your closest friends. A small birthday celebration is a respite from the stress that you are experiencing.


Social isolation is linked to poor mental health. Being stuck in your house for at least a year can have an adverse impact on your mental health. Loneliness and social isolation have worsened since the pandemic struck. Relieve yourself from all the negative feelings just for a little while. Making things normal for a bit on your birthday will put you at ease, but how are you going to make your simple birthday celebration memorable? Check out some of these fun ideas before you get your party started.


Throw a costume party

Do you miss going out for Halloween? If your birthday is in October, this may be the perfect time for you to put on that Legally Blonde get-up. The virtual Halloween party that you had last year might not have been satisfying, but you can make up for it and flaunt your Halloween costume. Take your wacky wigs out of your closet and wear them with pride.

A party is incomplete without games. To engage your guests’ attention, you can write a murder mystery game that matches your theme. Both adults and children can enjoy this mind-boggling game, so you can surely keep them entertained.

Have a movie night in your backyard

Tired of being stuck inside the house? Why not take the party to your backyard? Gather a group of friends and watch your favorite Anya Taylor-Joy flick on your lawn. You can bring your TV outside or use an outdoor projector for your cinema setup. The vibe will go well with your dimmed landscape lighting. Relax while lying down on your outdoor blankets and pillows. Whether you prefer romantic-comedy or horror, everything goes perfect with a movie night under the stars. Cozy up with some booze and popcorn while enjoying the company of your friends.


Indulge in food delivery potluck

Instead of exchanging gifts, you and your friends can exchange food through food delivery services. This will surely be a party for foodies. You must be excited to know what your buddy is going to order for you. Surprise a friend by ordering the Greek food that they miss so much. Explore international cuisine, and you will feel like traveling around the world. You can also try to go vegan for the night. It is going to be a potluck with a twist. Just make sure that nothing is wasted. Eat up until you reach your gastronomical satisfaction! A party is incomplete without some scrumptious food to fill your tummies.

Broadcast your birthday to the world

Can’t invite more friends to your birthday celebration? Traveling is pretty much still restricted around the globe, so tell the world that they are all welcome to your party by going live on social media. The pandemic is not yet over, so there will surely be people who can’t come over to your place. Let them celebrate with you virtually. Send them party favors before your birthday and ask them to join your live stream. Help them overcome their fear of missing out and let them enjoy your special day. Nobody is going to miss out on the fun!

Pull off a Coachella Karaoke Party

Sing your heart out to the tunes of Coachella and relive the moments that you had in the live events. Music festivals are re-emerging this year, but if you are still cautious, just bring the festival to your home. Create your own playlist and set the mood with a hit by Frank Ocean or Travis Scott. Blast your speakers and dance the night away to Calvin Harris and Disclosure tracks with your friends. You can also show off your rap skills by singing along to some Megan Thee Stallion songs. Turn yourself into a pop star and have a blast in the comfort of your entertainment room.

A night of fun with your friends is a little escape that you can give yourself. Celebrate your birthday the way you want, but make it a point to do it safely. It is best that all of your guests are vaccinated. It will be a lot of fun if everyone knows that they are safe.

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