Protect Your Plumbing in 5 Easy Ways

There are many details that go into maintaining your home’s plumbing, and one of these is getting septic system pumping done when necessary. This can help keep your system working as well as it ought to, and you’ll avoid ending up with issues such as a smell in laundry room. If you’ve ever had to search online for something like “why is there a sewage smell in my bathroom?” The answer may be that the septic system simply needs to be pumped.

If your laundry room stinks after you get the septic system pumped, then you may have to look into other details. Hiring the right plumber will go a long way towards helping you get to the root of the matter. As a result, you can safeguard your home from more than issues to do with horrible smells in your home. This is the reason why it’s crucial to hire a knowledgeable plumber if you end up searching for something like “it smells like sewer in bathroom.” They will check everywhere and make sure that there’s nothing that’s amiss. If there are any fixes or repairs that need to be done, get them done as soon as you possibly can so that you don’t end up having more serious damage on your hands.

Your property’s plumbing system is important in keeping clean water in and wastewater out without a hitch. A single leak in your plumbing can be quite a disaster, especially if it happens in the middle of winter when it’s hard to perform many things.

Fortunately, you’re not helpless at all against plumbing problems. There are many preventive hacks to ensure that your plumbing system stays in great condition so it can do its job well.

One such trick is to install top-quality support systems for plumbing that will keep your pipes and fixtures firmly in place. There are companies in Australia that manufacture plumbing support systems, which can be installed DIY-style without using special tools such as a welding machine. This makes things easier for the property owner.

Here are five other plumbing protection tips that you should keep in mind:

Winterize your pipes

One of the most common causes of pipe damages is the property owner’s inability to winterize the plumbing pipes. As such, it’s common to see frozen and cracked pipes due to such oversight.

You should, therefore, make sure that proper pipe winterization is done. Take particular notice of the pipes found outside your home and the ones close to unheated spots, as they are most vulnerable to freezing.

Have your water heater serviced by a professional

Your property’s water heater is a critical facility, particularly during winter. With this, be sure to have it maintained by your trusted plumbing technician to keep it in good condition.

Your plumber could perform the necessary diagnostics and carry out repairs if needed as a means of proactively preventing issues with your water heater.

Refrain from using chemicals on your drains

While it may seem harmless enough and convenient on your part, using drain cleaning chemicals is actually bad for your pipes. Cast-iron plumbing pipes commonly used in drains can erode over time due to repeated exposure to chemicals used to clear clogs. Leaks are a common result of such a practice.

Instead of using chemicals, try buying a drain snake to clear the pipes on your own. You could also call your plumber to do this job if you’re not confident enough.

Do not plant near sewer and water lines

Tree roots can make their way into your water and sewer lines and cause leaks. Keep in mind that tree roots can grow and often cause cracks on pavements. Now, imagine that same force being exerted onto your pipes and you can just see the pipes getting cracks that lead to leaks.

Go easy on your water pressure

Just like tree roots, high water pressure can be bad for your pipes, too. So, keep your water pressure between 40 to 85 psi. Use a hose bib gauge to measure your water pressure, so you won’t go beyond the maximum recommended psi range.

This is a fairly easy preventive measure that you can do on your own without spending a fortune. With these five plumbing protection tips, as well as professional guidance, your plumbing system should be in great shape to serve you for many years to come.


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