Probate Solicitors, Taking the Strain After the Death of a Loved One

Why choose a Probate Solicitor.

When a loved one is lost, those closest to the deceased can be consumed by a tremendous amount of pain and distress. Dealing with the legal affairs alongside the grief is often the last thing people want to think about and therefore hiring a solicitor to handle the legal side can be extremely beneficial. Probate solicitors are there to take the legal strain of losing a loved one and are there to keep a level head when the families judgements are clouded by grief.

Whilst it may sound like a simple task, dealing with the affairs of the deceased can be a very complex and time consuming process. A variety of processes and regulations must be adhered to and therefore having the knowledge and legal jargon to tackle this difficult task is of extreme importance.

What to consider when hiring a Probate solicitor.


As previously mentioned, during this difficult time judgement can be clouded by grief and therefore choosing an experienced, but supportive solicitor to help steer the family through the complex legal affairs is important. Of course price will always be a factor but it is important to understand that during one of the most difficult parts of life there will be the need for someone on your side but who is unattached. The need for someone who can handle the difficult affairs competently and efficiently without the emotional ties. Therefore it is important to have someone you trust and can easily turn to for advice but also has the experience and knowledge to tackle the complex task of dealing with the legal affairs of the deceased.

The process.

If the person who passes is the sole owner of an estate larger than ten thousand pounds then the probate process will nine times out of ten be followed to wrap up the affairs. Possessions, finances, investments and various other assets will need to be collated and catalogued by a solicitor. A grant of representation may need to be applied for at the high courts so this will be the next step taken by the solicitor, as this appoints executors to oversee the decision-making processes related to the affairs of the deceased.

There are many organisations that need to be informed of the death including banks and pensions schemes. All funds held on behalf of the deceased need to be released and relocated to a single place. Each organisation will have procedures in place for probate and rather than muddle through and potentially miss out important organisations or procedures it is recommended that this is left to the solicitor who will have experience in all aspects of this process.

Upon completion of collating all the details of the estate, a grant of probate will then be applied for which once granted will allow the appointed executors to have possession of the estate and distribute according to the deceased’s wishes.

For those who find themselves in need of Probate solicitors in Portsmouth arrange a free consultation or make an enquiry to get things in motion.

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