Practical Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just a couple of weeks away, and brainstorming for that memorable gift for dad can sometimes lead to frivolous gifts that will hardly be used. Don’t rely on items with heartfelt messages or “World’s Best Dad” stamped for everyone to see; you aren’t a cute kid anymore. Choose pieces that are a little bit more mature and a lot more dignified.


Gift sets will hardly see the light of day — unless they’re all about booze. You can opt for sets that you and your dad can consume immediately or more expensive sets to partake only on special occasions. A bottle of fine rum in your father’s study makes it a perfect place for serious conversations and for plotting nefarious schemes or running for office as they have it in movies. Gifts of alcohol exude maturity and respect, and they are especially fitting for fathers with more refined personalities.

A Pair of Shades

Shades not only look good; they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV rays contribute to a lot of conditions that affect vision, so shades might keep your dad’s vision sharper for a bit longer. Choose ones with traditional metal frames and not the fancy newer ones. They might be made from space-age materials, but if they look like a child’s toy, your dad won’t be wearing them at all. Get an accompanying case so that he can bring his sunglasses along or keep them in his car.

Fishing Gear

If your dad loves his trout and salmon, then gifts of fishing gear will much be appreciated. You can go big with a top-of-the-line fishing rod or maybe just a couple of fishing lures if your dad isn’t into grand gestures. Keep your gifts simple and none of that hi-tech fishing stuff; your dad will scoff and tell you how it was done in the good old days. If he already has his favorite rod and lures, he’ll still appreciate a decent-looking fisherman’s hat. Choose one without any fancy print and maybe one with decent UV protection.

Customized Glasses or Mugs

Check out the glasses and mugs in his house and buy ones that are a little bit bigger. You can have them laser engraved — but no mushy dad messages. You can have the customized with dignified images of something your dad likes, such as certain fish or birds if he’s into fishing or bird-watching. Essential dates like the birthdays can also be a good option.

Grilling Sets

burger patties on the grill

Lots of dads love to grill, but those grilling implements tend to vanish after a day of grilling. Replace your dad’s hodgepodge mix of grilling sets with a brand new one, but don’t expect that he’ll keep the whole set intact for an entire year, especially if he does a lot of grilling. At least you won’t have problems thinking of next year’s gift.

Give your dad gifts that he will use. Your gift will be a constant reminder that you appreciate him and that you’re mature enough to give a practical gift.

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