Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Look Your Best in Travel Photos

Traveling in comfort is the number one priority when planning your outfits, but sometimes, comfortable clothes don’t make for great travel photos. Aside from the food, one thing that’s anticipated the most during travel are the fancy clothes you get to wear and strut in along popular tourist spots. Being photographed in a great outfit leaves a lasting impression because photos stay forever, so if you weren’t wearing something pretty on a particular tour, you’ll have to live that down for the rest of your life.

To keep both comfort and style during your international or domestic excursions, below are outfits that will let you stand out in your shots.

Go Black

You can never go wrong with black, but there are only limited moments where you’re allowed to wear it, or else you’ll be branded as the gloomy kid. Thanks to its rare appearances, black outfits exude a chic and luxurious vibe that can complement different personal styles and settings. A black leather jacket over a white top, plus pants, and boots or heels are better than going for a white top and pants alone.

Spice It up With a Blazer

Some blazers come with padded shoulders, giving you a confident and fashionable impression. Blazers also go well with almost anything, from casual shorts and skirts to formal dresses and trousers. It’s the perfect fit when you want to cop the girl boss look in your travel snaps.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones sound dull at first, but these shades give off a calm and chic charm that can make you look sophisticated in photographs. When wearing neutrals, you do not have to don elaborate outfits, a cardigan or a kimono jacket over a simple shirt and khakis will do. Slides or low-cut sneakers can amplify your style even more while keeping you in comfortable wear.

rack full of neutral color clothes

Laid Back Style

Being clad in stylish but uncomfortable clothing will dampen your spirits and leave you wanting to go home. A cute and charming remedy for this is by wearing stylish, laid-back clothes. Some pieces that fit into this category include sweaters and pullovers, and even some practical, yet stylish tracksuits. Your footwear should also cater to your comfort by being suitable for light jogs or longs walks.

Layer With a Trench Coat

If you are not sure how to style your chosen get-up or seem like your look lacks a bit of appeal, maybe what you need is a trench coat. Trench coats can make any outfit look high fashion, plus this versatile piece can also be worn alone, shrouding you in an elegant Parisian vibe. For more styling options, you can keep it unbuttoned and allow your blouse and wide pants to show a little, or even entice with a low-cut dress partnered with high-heeled boots or laced heels.

Wear a Sun Dress

When you’re going somewhere tropical, the best outfit you can wear is a sundress that will go well with the open and summery backdrop of your destination. Plain ones look nice and allow you to add accessories with print, but printed pieces that feature cute embroidery also present a unique charm. When you’re vacationing with your loved ones, you can go creative in family photos by trying out coordinating outfits.

You don’t have to completely match, simply letting the little ones in your family wear some cute accessory, such as a liberty sun hat for kids that have a similar style to your bucket hat can already make you look paired.

Knits and Denim

There’s always a fifty-fifty chance that your travel destination will not welcome you in your expected weather, so wearing something that can keep you comfortable in varying temperatures is your safest bet. Knits and denim offer some warmth from the cold, but can also be comfortable in warm weather, especially when you roll up the sleeves to at least three quarters. You can add style to this look by putting your essentials in a chic statement bag.

Add a Vintage Touch

A fashionable place deserves a stylish outfit. If you want to turn heads during your international strolls and look good in travel photos, cladding yourself in a vintage-themed fit will help you achieve a classic and timeless look. For starters, you can wear a turtleneck sweater or sleeveless top, plus a checkered skirt, underneath a velvet coat. To add charm, accessorizing with a beret and cute shoulder bag will make your style look even more appealing.

Rolled Hem Denim Shorts

Simple styles can also be charming especially when you have the confidence to own the look. For something casual and easy to move in on days you’ll spend mostly touring, you can go for a cute look, featuring rolled hem denim shorts. This piece can go with pretty much anything — a shirt, a blouse, and even sweaters.

Traveling is something you don’t get to do daily, making it only right that you wear pieces that you can show off to have fond memories to look back on.

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