Reasons to never skip dental check-ups

You get a message on your phone. You look at it, only to find it is a reminder to book your next dental check-up. If you are like most patients, you will be thinking of ways to get out of attending your next dental trip, and may even begin to fill up your calendar with activities for the next month or so. While dental check-ups may not seem important, they are a crucial part of your health check and can provide you with access to inspections that could provide life-saving information and treatments.

With that in mind, why should you never miss a check-up with your dentist Ryde?

Physical appearance

dentist tooth implant

Starting with the most superficial is that it allows you to maintain a better physical appearance.

Tooth decay is not a good look, nor is gum disease and, if you skip dental check-ups, you will find that the tooth decay that was minor begins to grow and take over your smile. This can lead to you smiling less and feeling more unhappy with your appearance.

If you have thin enamel or a family history of excessive gum disease, then you need to see your dental team every 3-6 months, to help keep your pearly whites looking good!


The next reason to never skip a dental check-up is discomfort.

When you have excessive tooth decay or gum disease, it can become painful to breathe! As the cold air penetrates the damaged tooth and causes a pang of discomfort. If you have gum disease, it can be uncomfortable to even bite into food due to swelling of the gums. So, if you are looking for a way to lower the discomfort in your life, and to stay healthy, be sure to visit your dental team for your biannual visit.

Oral cancer

The most important reason to visit your dental team every 6 months is to allow them to screen you for oral cancer.

This can appear as something like a darker patch on your gums, that you would not usually pay attention to. But, like most dental conditions, if oral cancer is left for long enough, it can quickly become more difficult to treat and may require more invasive options.

If you are a smoker or have a history of oral cancer, it is more important than ever that you undertake oral cancer screening.

Smoking cessation

If you are a smoker who is looking for a way to quit the habit, your dental surgery can help. They can offer you tips and advice on how to break your habit, and may even be able to refer you to specialists in areas like psychology or counselling. They can also provide you with moral support and can show you how quitting smoking will benefit your oral and physical health too.


There has been something of a boom in recent years relating to dental patients seeking orthodontic treatment, due in part to the affordability and availability of aligners like Invisalign and the use of lingual braces.

If you are looking for a way to straighten your teeth as an adult, it is worth attending biannual check-ups with your team. You cannot undertake braces or aligners if you have tooth decay or gum disease, so keeping your oral health in check is vital for all orthodontic and cosmetic dental care.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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