Most Critical Investments for Keeping Warm

If you’ve ever experienced cold in its full force, you can easily understand why people would readily go for an Obermeyer ski jacket sale in a huff. There’s nothing more difficult than having to face the cold without the proper protection.

You face more than just a bad case of the sniffles when you don’t invest in the right gear to stay warm when it’s freezing. You can also suffer the slings of hypothermia and frostbite and much, much worse.

Here are the most critical investments that you need to make in order to stay warm. They range from clothing, accessories, all the way to gadgets and electronics.

Gloves and Undergarments

Often, it’s the extremities that get the coldest the first. It’s actually a security measure on the part of our bodies. Our bodies draw away heat from these extremities to our trunk and more central body parts to ensure that critical systems are kept warm. This can make for an uncomfortable experience overall.

Fortunately, you can invest in wool gloves to keep your hands warm rather easily as these are easy enough to test out and find. Thermal underwear is much harder as they need to be designed really well to work properly. Otherwise, you’ll just have expensive leggings.


While many people like to talk of jackets as being effective against the cold — and that is, in fact, mostly true, it also depends a good deal on what type of jackets that you get. Common windbreakers and rain jackets are not at all effective against the cold as they are made from lighter weight materials.

An idea is that Obermeyer ski jacket mentioned earlier. Not only are the materials much thicker, but they also feature higher necklines that can also provide wind protection. Invest in a top quality one as a minimum, and you can be sure you’re well protected.


Woman wearing a white scarf

Speaking of the neck, it can also be extremely vulnerable to the cold. That’s why scarves are an equally viable investment. They’re certainly lighter in weight than most other clothing, and they can be carried around everywhere.

Again, the key is to go for the right kind of material. Avoid those with heavily stitched edges as they can chafe your neck in a very painful way. Go for protection from the cold, yes, but also ensure that you’re comfortable as well.

Foot Warmers

Technology has, fortunately, also caught up with the cold fighting business, and one of the best that you can get are rechargeable foot warmers. These are like soles that fit comfortably in your shoes.

They contain a built-in heating element that provides just that comfortable bit of warmth for a long period of time. These are rechargeable much like a smartphone is and is very reusable. That’s why they’re worth the investment.

If you live somewhere cold or are about to face some cold conditions, you need to be well prepared. Don’t run the risk of catching a cold or even going down with hypothermia. Pick up the items on this list, and you can be sure to find the comfort that you need.

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