Getting divorced: what you need to know

On average, England and Wales see around 100,000 divorces a year, and it is predicted that this could increase by an extra 26,000 divorces in 2022 with the changes that have been made to this area of law. Before April 2022, one of the parties involved had to admit fault of some kind, whereas now, neither party needs to take the blame in a divorce proceeding.

Getting divorced is a paperwork task, but when emotions run high, divorce solicitors in Weybridge can be who you need to deal with the legalities. They can also help sort out other issues, such as arrangements for any children you may have or financial disputes between you and your former spouse. Having a legal professional who can proceed on your behalf in a calm and knowledgeable manner could be just what you need to ensure you get what you are entitled to.

How to get divorced

Regarding divorce law, the changes that have been introduced on 6th April 2022 are intended to reduce the acrimonious nature of blaming a spouse for the divorce. In the spirit of encouraging couples to find a positive way forward, there is a requirement to wait 20 weeks before the divorce application can be finalised; this allows couples to ensure that they wish to get divorced. After this, the normal process of applying for a conditional order from the courts (the first notification of the court accepting the application for divorce) and the final order (the document that officially makes you divorced) still needs to take place, and this can take several months to happen. Organising arrangements for issues such as what will happen to the children and who gets the house or the dog is a separate matter that requires the aid of a divorce solicitor.

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How can a divorce solicitor help?

Divorce solicitors are trained to handle matters professionally, sensitively and as promptly as possible. You will probably feel highly emotional when you are getting divorced, and as such, it is important to have someone representing your rights and those of any children you may have to ensure that you get the fairest outcome possible for everyone. You may need to go for mediation to help you and your former spouse reach a compromise; however, if this is not possible, a solicitor will need to represent you in court or go to arbitration (where a solicitor is appointed to award the outcome after hearing representation from all parties).

A good divorce solicitor will be able to advise on what is fair in the eyes of the law, and this should help you make rational decisions about finances, for example. There’s no getting away from how emotionally difficult it can be to get divorced, but having someone who can take some of the pressure away is well worth the investment.

Finding out more

If you are certain that you want to get divorced, you can find a family law solicitor to help. Many solicitors will offer a free consultation to discuss your circumstances and advise on how they can help you. Some solicitors are available seven days a week and are based nationwide, so you can get answers when you need them.

If you do decide to get divorced, a divorce solicitor can see you through your journey to your new life beyond.

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