How to Keep Your Greenhouse in Good Shape This Summer

Your greenhouse works overtime to make sure your plants are kept in optimal temperatures across all seasons, especially during winter. There’s no better time to give it regular maintenance than during the summer. The snow has fully melted and the weather is dry as ever. But how and where should you start?

General Cleaning

  • Complete Shutdown – If you use any electronics in your greenhouse, it’s best to shut them all down and disconnect them from outlets. Take them out of your uniquely-designed garden room, if possible. You’ll use a lot of water to clean your greenhouse. You don’t want to damage these expensive devices with short circuits and corrosion caused by water damage.
  • Window Washing – Dirt and dust can fog up your greenhouse’s glass, lessening the sunlight that reaches your plants. Plus, dirty windows will always look like an eyesore. Get a bucket of warm water, a sponge, and a squeegee. Wet the windows with the sponge and water, and wipe it off, along with the dirt with the squeegee.

If the dirt isn’t letting up, mix a few drops of liquid soap into your water and work it up to a lather before scrubbing your windows. Make sure to rinse away the excess soap after. ; Clean out the grime and dirt beneath the panel joints using your hose.

As for the roof, use a mop soaked in warm water to keep it spick and span. While cleaning, look for possible cracks or nicks on the glass. Take note of these signs of damage for later.

  • Indoor Cleaning  – Sweep off debris from your floor like fallen soil and leaves. Mop up the floor. Use your floor’s recommended cleaning solution if some spots have tough dirt or are developing moss and mold. If your flooring has grout lines, use a hose or a pressure washer to clean the mold and dirt off them.

Routine Repairs

contractor taking picture of roof

  • Check the Frames – Check your garden room’s framing to see if it needs repainting or restaining. If it’s made of wood, inspect for any rotting. If it’s made of metal, look for signs of rust. You may need to get the framing replaced if it’s badly corroded.
  • Repair Glazing – If you find small cracks on the panels, seal them up with clear epoxy. This prevents heat from escaping and keeps your windows structurally sound. If the cracks span almost half the panel, get them replaced immediately, as they may break on their own and let in pests.
  • Assess Your Equipment – Even heavy-duty equipment can fail seemingly out of nowhere. And when they do, they may leave your plants in unfavorable conditions. Test your greenhouse equipment, like the heaters, circulation fans, and climate controllers to see if they’re still working up to spec.

Your greenhouse or garden room acts as another world for your plants, where temperatures and climate are controlled to ensure the best results. As such, you need to maintain it regularly to ensure that every part works as it should. Use this checklist to guide your maintenance efforts this summer.

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