How Much Should You Spend to Build a Patio?

Homeowners who plan to build patios in Sunshine Coast should expect to spend cost $200 per square meter, although the actual price will depend on the type of features for each installation.

You could limit your expenses by only choosing to add basic amenities like flooring and covers. Some people even forego the inclusion of a roof when there’s ample shade on their chosen spot. Whether you want a simple or full-scale patio, an outdoor project requires the help of a professional. Shop around for quotes from at least three different contractors to compare prices. It also helps that nearly 70 percent of homeowners hire professionals, so you shouldn’t find it hard to get feedback from a particular contractor.

How Much Do People Spend?

Patios often come into mind when most homeowners think about redesigning their current landscaping. While it can be expensive, they usually spend more than $10,000 to remove their lawns and install a patio with a deck or gazebo. Start making a budget by measuring the required floor space for a patio. A concrete floor is among the cheapest materials that only cost from $45 to $75 per square meter. It won’t be aesthetically pleasing, but you can use make up for the rough surface by investing in furniture pieces that complement your desired style.

If you’re particular about flooring, then paving it seems a better choice. You can try to do this by yourself with some practice. A deck will be more ideal for sloped or uneven land structure. The cheapest material costs around $200 per square meter of treated pine. Other types like hardwood and composite decking will cost more yet only need little to no maintenance.

Other Flooring Choices

Pavement for patio

Concrete flooring can easily crack while treated pine might need more frequent maintenance. Outdoor tiles and brick are some of the alternative flooring options, but these also have their disadvantages. Tiles need to non-slippery, especially when you don’t plan to install a roof or any covering for the patio. Brick flooring creates a countryside ambiance for your outdoors, but you should expect to spend more since it can be challenging to install the materials.

If you choose to install concrete pavers, the contractor should determine the need for a retaining wall. The total cost will increase as you will also need to install fences and stairs. Wooden retaining walls cost $270 per linear meter while brick is more expensive at $440 per linear meter. Based on these details, it’s safe to assume that you can spend $6,000 on a decent patio. After all, who would want to spend time outdoors on a patio with simple flooring and no roof?

Patios can be a great addition when properly built and designed, so embarking on a DIY project could make it more difficult to achieve good results. Design-build contractors are a popular choice to save money from hiring multiple service providers. Remember to choose a registered supplier of the Queensland government to guarantee the quality of the materials.

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