History’s Most Influential Women and their Equally Famous Hairstyles

Behind every great woman is a great hairstyle. Think about it: Apart from the accolades and recognition they get because of their contributions to society, many of history’s powerful women share one thing in common: a fabulous hairdo.

When you see someone don a particular hairstyle, you would immediately associate that look to any of these ladies. If you are planning any special event, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or your wedding day, or merely spending a luxurious holiday in exotic Singapore where you can watch a light show or watch an F1 race, you need to choose a hairdo that will make you the centre of attention.

So, when you’re finally settled with all the other elements of the big event –your dress, makeup, wedding venues, party favours, and menu, you should never forget your hairstyle. What about looking to these women for some wedding hairstyle inspiration? Here are some of the most recognizable women in history and their famous locks:

Marie Antoinette

One of history’s most famous queens is a huge fan of hair accessories. She decorated her hair with adornments that make her voluminous locks stand out even more. Her elaborate tresses, from flamboyant feathers to chic chapeaus, always had a touch of excess glamour. While you don’t necessarily have to copy her poufy locks, you can certainly draw some inspiration from it for a fun wedding hairstyle.

Marilyn Monroe

This blonde actress’s iconic 1950s feminine hairstyle was an interesting contrast to the androgynous fashion and blunt cuts that made waves in the 1920s. She’s one of the most recognizable blonde beauties, along with Bridget Bardot. Her womanly charms were best reflected in her soft, blonde curls that even the contemporary blonde-bombshells of Hollywood still sport. So, why not try these cute curls for your wedding look?

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

While Jackie O’s elegant fashion sense—Chanel suits, fancy gloves, and pillbox hats—made her the icon that she is, her hairdo is also one to remember. It’s like a brunette version of Marilyn’s. Her style is all about that big, teased hair that made her locks look voluminous on top. If you want to achieve a sophisticated look, comb the top layer and smooth it out.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

This mom of three has the classic, glossy chocolate brown hair that has turned into the “it” hairstyle of today. Who wouldn’t want that effortlessly sophisticated look which seemed like she wakes up in the morning looking like that? It has become an iconic hairstyle that many hair salons have received requests from women hoping to copy her locks.

Michelle Obama

oung woman with short hair

Along with her organic vegetable garden and impressive career as a lawyer, it’s the former US First Lady’s hair that has caught the attention of many ever since her husband became the most powerful man in the world. She almost stole the limelight from him during his inauguration when she stepped out sporting a fringe. If you’re a huge fan of fringes, Michelle’s are just the perfect look to get inspiration from for your wedding hairstyle.

Your wedding is the best day to try on that iconic hairstyle you’ve always wanted. Have a consultation with your hairstylist first and see if any of these looks will match your style and personality. You’ll undoubtedly look your best forever in your wedding photos and videos.

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