Grilling Now: Best Dishes to Pair with Kabobs

When it comes to culinary gifts hailing from the Middle East, there’s nothing as more iconic as a kabob. Its versatility is well-documented, and its simplicity ironically gives some sophisticated and delicious tastes. This is why it is one of the many dishes enjoyed by most Americans.

What’s good about this particular fare is that you can enjoy it regardless of the place and time. You can have it at your backyard barbecue. You can enjoy it at dinner. And you can even have it on a date. You may know that it is a pretty flexible dish, but there is a chance that you have not been too adventurous when it comes to pairing up with some recipes.

If you are looking to make your kabob experience much more exciting, you are reading the right article. Here’s a list of dishes that can smoothly go well with your kabobs, whether you are enjoying these at home or a Spring Hill, KS diner or restaurant.

Enjoy it with some salad

For some, the thought of pairing grilled food and salad is quite paradoxical. But that is not always the case, as both can actually go well together. There are many salads that you can prepare to go with your skewers. If you want to stay conventional, why not go for coleslaw.

Its simplicity and tangy flavors will go well with the smokey goodness of the grilled meat. Japanese salad is something you may consider if you want the best of two disparate worlds. Dressings, such as carrot ginger mix and roast sesame, will go well with your Middle Eastern barbecue.

Try rice!

Westerners are not big fans of rice, but if you are eating an Asian dish, you might as well incorporate it into your kabob. Spiced rice or mujadara is a Middle Eastern specialty that uses turmeric and cinnamon to make the dish flavorful.

There is some hint of sweetness and spicy brought about by the mixture of sugar, onions, and pepper. When cooking spiced rice, you may use long grains. This particular dish should also include lentils.

Give it a new dip

Sometimes, a dip can change the entire feel and flavor of the course. And this rule applies to kabobs. For one, instead of using the usual smokey or yogurt-based dip, why not try something new to create that fusion flavor?  For instance, you may use salsa if you want to give your kabob some Mexican twist.

Some people try Japanese mayonnaise if they are looking to have something adventurous.

Want some beer?

Turkish kebab on lavash

Technically, this is not a dish. But who says you can’t have it? Kabobs are practically barbecue, and in beer logic, all grills are great for drinking. So if you have some backyard barbecue, you may choose to knock a few cold ones.

Kabobs are an iconic Middle Eastern fare that deserves some loving. And it gets the love it deserves from those who love grilled goods. Fall in love with these skewers more by experimenting and trying new dishes that will go with them.

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