Freakout Fest: 3 Times It’s Perfectly Fine to Go into Bridezilla Mode

When you’re planning a wedding, the first task on your to-do list is to avoid slipping into bridezilla mode. No matter how stressful it gets, you have to keep it together. Unless of course, you want to be the unfortunate subject of Reddit threads and family reunions later. Here’s the thing though, bridezilla moments aren’t totally, downright evil. Sometimes, it can be justified, needed even, in a lot of wedding planning situations. For instance, when you encounter these following dilemmas, it’s perfectly fine to go on a major freakout mode:

When a vendor bails

The big day is fast approaching. Your hands are full that you barely have time for beauty rest — and then you suddenly get the bad news from your caterer. They’re cancelling. They’re returning your deposit, but you’re left with the overwhelming task of finding a new vendor in just a week. How can you get someone at the last minute when you’re holding your event at a destination venue? In this case, it’s legit to be on a state of panic. But after some good wailing and ranting to your fiancé, it’s time to get into action. The first thing you should do is go back to your previous caterer. While you’re coordinating the return of your deposit, ask them for recommendations. If they’re uncooperative though, tap your family to make some calls. The more people are in this, the faster you can get a new vendor. If you’re still in the vendor search phase though, the number one rule when hiring is to be sure that your contract has terms that would protect you in case cancellation happens in the future. Consider the wedding catering services Los Angeles specialists offer in your search.

When ‘the dress’ isn’t done yet

What you’ll wear on the big day is a huge make or break to what you’ll feel on that day. It’s one of those things people will first notice when you walk down the aisle. It’s the very thing that will dictate your sense of comfort in a 4-hour long celebration. So if you haven’t found the dress yet or if the alterations aren’t finished yet a week before the big day, it becomes a valid source of anxiety. If you’re undecided of what exactly to get, go back to your vision board. Get some inspiration from Pinterest images you liked. This can hopefully refresh what you want and give you a pair of renewed eyes when you go back to the dress shop. If you think the alterations are taking too long, follow-up is the key. Ask your wedding planner to do some calls.

wedding reception room

When a guest constantly complains

You know this one. It’s usually a relative who made some generous contributions to your event. So on your wedding day, they may feel they have the right to point out everything wrong, the waiting time, the seating arrangements, the food, or the music. If you can’t mentally shut off their comments, talk to them. The rule here is your relative, your responsibility. Meaning, if it’s your aunt ranting, it’s you who should go up to her. If it’s your spouse’s uncle, then he should be the one talking to him. Do make sure though that you speak to them in private, rather than telling them off in front of people.

Go on Bridezilla Mode

Again, there are moments when it’s acceptable to go on bridezilla mode. But don’t be stuck at getting frustrated and angry. When you’re done venting it out, take action.

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