The Need For An Emergency Dentist Dublin

Taking care of oral health needs is something that everybody should be encouraged to do on a twice-daily basis via brushing and flossing, as this will allow more people to live with high standards for their oral health and hygiene. While brushing the teeth and gums is a good way to keep common dental issues at bay there may still be times when the unforeseen happens and this may create a need for someone to seek immediate treatment, as no one will ever plan to be involved in an accident of any kind.

Being involved in a traffic accident, an accident in the home, or an incident on the sporting field that causes a strong impact to the jaw or mouth may lead to someone needing to seek urgent medical attention, as a way to ensure and safeguard their mouth and teeth. There may also be a need for someone to seek urgent dental care if they find they have developed a sudden and persistent toothache that may be keeping them awake at night, as they may have no reason as to what is causing them pain.

The urgent medical attention people may be seeking in the scenarios outlined are normally provided by an emergency dentist Dubin, as these are the specialist practitioners of treatments that can be provided to those with an urgent need.

dentist working on patient

The First Task

The first task of an emergency dentist is to identify the issue that is causing a patient any pain and discomfort, as well as find a way to relieve any pain if treatment can not be given at the point of examination.

If a patient is found to have an abscess or infection but may benefit from having a tooth removed, the removal would be put on hold until any infection is cleared. The reason for this is to prevent the infection spreading to other teeth or to another part of the mouth, as this may compound any issue a patient is having and make any pain they are experiencing dramatically worse.

Normally, an abscess or infection will be treated with a course of antibiotics that will be prescribed for the patient, they will be advised to take the full course of antibiotics before returning to the dental practice for any further treatment. If upon return any infection has been successfully treated and cleared up then any other treatment that is required can be provided, leading to a final resolution to the patient’s oral health issue.

Patients who find they are in need of urgent dental care or treatment should be advised to contact their dental practice as soon as it opens in the morning and give a full outline of the problem they are having, as many practices will keep time aside to see urgent cases on the same day but this can quickly be booked up.  The aim is to see a patient on the same day as contact when possible, as there will be a need to start relieving any pain they feel so they can live a more comfortable life and get a good night’s sleep at the very least,

Without Delay

Any patient who finds themselves in need of an emergency dentist should seek to make contact without delay, as any delay could only lead to the worsening of any dental issue they are having.

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