Time to Wander: Embracing the Lifestyle of a Digital Nomad

There’s no better opportunity to fully embrace the digital nomad lifestyle than right now. Over the past year, it would have seemed impossible to hop from one place to another while accomplishing your professional responsibilities. However, as remote work arrangements become common, this reality is finally within reach.

Likewise, the global pandemic is slowly but surely nearing its end. Independent vaccination rollouts being carried out by various countries promise the return of the freedom of movement, locally and internationally. Maybe it’s finally time to quickly put your house up for sale and book a flight to the next destination on your list of places to visit.

A Different Kind of Wanderer

After more than a year of being indoors, you’re probably craving a change of pace and scenery. The previous year was filled with anxiety and stress levels that were through the roof. Going through mandatory, drastic transitions on such short notice can do that to you.

Everyone had a hard time balancing their personal and professional lives. Not to mention the prolonged duration of social isolation that most people were unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. If your work arrangements in the post-pandemic world would allow, consider living the life of a digital nomad.

You’re definitely used to working remotely by now, so it’s the perfect time to see new sights other than the four corners of your home office. Besides, becoming a digital nomad isn’t just about mixing work and relaxation; it also has its own perks for professionals.

New Sights, Better Hours

Flexibility is one of the best things about being a digital nomad. You’re given full control in choosing your work environment, which is essential in boosting productivity. Your workspace sets the mood for accomplishing tasks, and, in all honesty, no one wants their workdays to be monotonous in the post-pandemic world.

Moreover, the digital nomad lifestyle will also encourage you to structure your own work hours. Most remote work setups destroyed the walls of the standard 9 to 5 that workers were confined in. While it can seem unprofessional to choose to do your work on a whim, this actually takes a lot of discipline to pull off. Sticking to a routine that’s personally set can be more fulfilling than following the hours of someone else.

Walking a Personal Path

Along with the added flexibility comes more opportunities for personal growth and development. As you become more independent, you’ll also experience more motivation to be better. Overcoming personal challenges will definitely serve as a one-way ticket to finding the best version of yourself. It will also lead you to live your definition of a fulfilling life without worrying about other people’s notions.

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Only the Essentials

Having the ability to work anywhere virtually eliminates your daily commute to and from your workplace. More than 50% of workers have expressed their resentment for commuting, especially within the bigger cities. The daily commute also shaves off precious minutes from your day, which could’ve been spent accomplishing more work or interacting with loved ones.

Of course, if there’s more time for work there’s also more time for leisure. One of the biggest appeals of the digital nomad lifestyle is it allows you to see and experience the world without worrying about your professional life. If there’s one thing people will be looking forward to in the post-pandemic world, it’s hitting the sweet spot for work-life balance.

Nomadic Oases

To truly embrace the digital nomad lifestyle you have, you also have to consider certain factors in the places you’re eyeing to visit. This could be the speed of net connections, rent prices, or even the country’s ranking on the Global Happiness Index. Needless to say, not all destinations will be fit for a digital nomad whose reliance on the internet and connectivity is vital. These are the top countries that are suitable for the digital nomad lifestyle.


Canada takes the top spot as it checks all the boxes necessary for a digital nomad to thrive. The country houses one of the largest tech hubs in the world, guaranteeing more than adequate connection speeds. It also falls within the top ten on the Global Happiness Index.

Canadians are also some of the friendliest and most welcoming populations across the world. About 21.3% of its population consists of immigrants who’ve chosen to settle down in the country. Those are all the facts and statistics you’ll need.

United Kingdom

Despite all the commotion that Brexit caused locally and globally, the United Kingdom sits in second place. The sheer volume of remote job opportunities is attracting digital nomads from far and wide. Coupled with the high standard of living, it’s easy to see why it’s among the top places for living the lifestyle of a digital nomad.

The Journey Ahead

In the post-pandemic world, it’s important to escape all the woes that the previous year inflicted on everyone. As remote working becomes common and widely accepted, you should also take this as an opportunity to focus on your well-being. The digital nomad lifestyle allows you to have the best of both worlds.

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