Deal with Baldness with a Trip to Vegas

Losing your hair is a game changer. Like it or not, your appearance matters. Going bald can have adverse effects on your interactions with people, your career growth, and your self-esteem. However, a short trip to Nevada can solve your problems, and you can return from your trip with a full head of hair.

Baldness Issues

In this age of selfies and abject narcissism, people will judge you for your looks whether you like it or not. Most of the time, people associate baldness with aging, and losing your hair can make you look older by five to 15 years. Upper management might subconsciously consider you unfit, limiting or putting your career path on hold. Of course, you can use products and devices that promise to regrow and revitalize your hair. However, these products need constant use — requiring close to an hour of your time each day. Once your hair follicles have atrophied or when you’ve become bald, hair growth products become ineffective, and surgery is your only remaining option if you want to grow real hair. Of course, you can always use wigs and hairpieces. However, these come with a significant risk of embarrassment.

Scalp Micropigmentation

top of a balding man's head

A popular procedure in Nevada to address baldness is slowly getting widespread attention. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a simple procedure, similar to getting a tattoo, which gives you the appearance of a full head of hair. SMPs are quite popular in the UK — with several celebrities having undergone the treatment. During an SMP procedure, pigments are layered unto the dermal layer of your scalp, giving the appearance of newly-grown hair follicles. The overall look is similar to a buzz cut, giving you a more fresh and youthful appearance. Once the pigments set, there’s no need for daily maintenance routines. Avoid harsh UV radiation which may cause the pigments to fade over time. SMPs are permanent, but you might need to get a touch up every 3-5 years.

Safety Concerns

SMPs are safe. They’re a lot safer than getting a tattoo and a lot less painful. Unlike tattoos, the pigments used in SMPs are merely layered unto the surface of your dermal layer, not penetrating the epidermis like tattoos. The procedure is safe even without the use of anesthetics, but clients are provided the option to use topical or local anesthesia to ease discomfort. Procedures can last from 3-5 hours, and you can get up and drive to your hotel room once you’re done. It only takes two to three days for the pigments to set. During this time, avoid getting moisture on your scalp. You might get a bit of itchiness and discomfort during this period, but your SMP treatment center will provide you with the necessary medication.

It only takes a week to change your life. Take that trip to Vegas and return a changed man. Don’t be the bald guy who everyone talks about behind his back. Get that youthful and vibrant look, boost your confidence, and give the middle finger to a society that judged you over your looks.

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