Curdelicious: Cheese Curd Recipes You May Want to Try

Cheese curds may seem like a simple, unassuming ingredient. You may munch on it when you’re craving for something creamy and savory, or you simply mix it with certain dishes. Regardless, it is important that you understand the versatility of this food. Cheese curds are not just for snacking. You can treat them as a major ingredient that will help you create wonderful gastronomic possibilities. Some people are having troubles cooking with cheese since they already use the ingredient for making complicated dishes. However, you can always start with simple fares, which will be accentuated by the taste of the cheese.

Using cheese curds from WI for your recipes comes with a lot of benefits. For one, your food will become tastier and creamier. It gives your dishes a different kind of texture that will make dining an interesting experience. On top of that, cheese also helps in maintaining your health. It is rich in protein and calcium, which are needed for strengthening bones and muscles. Now that you know the benefits of cheese, you may feel like experimenting with this ingredient to make your food much more delicious.

Here are some of the recipes you may want to try:

Recipe #1: Poutine

If you are a big fan of fries, you know too well that tomato ketchup, mustard, and even mayonnaise make a good dip. But there are more ways to make fries exciting. For one, you can turn your plain fries into poutine. Poutine is Canada’s take on French fries. They give it a spin by pouring gravy over the fries. However, a poutine is not a legitimate poutine without cheese curds. Just fry your fries, sprinkle some cheese curds, and pour over some gravy.

Recipe #2: Cheesy Scrambled Eggs and Spinach

full English Breakfast

Breakfast helps you get the head start you need for the day. Scrambled eggs are definitely a favorite breakfast dish because they are easy to make. But, if you think that your scrambled eggs are getting boring, it’s time to give it a twist. You can add some cheese curds to make the mixture much more flavorful. Add textures by incorporating spinach and carrots.

Recipe #3: Fried Cheese Sticks

Sometimes, snacks are synonymous with chips and other junk food, but that does not always have to be that way. You can make your own snack easily, especially when you have a stock of cheese curds. Just roll them along with flour and breadcrumbs, deep fry them, and enjoy them with a garlic or ketchup dip.

Recipe #4: Cheesy Tiramisu

Cheese curds are not only used for savory food. You can even use them for desserts. In this case, you can add them to your coffee-based dessert that is tiramisu. Just melt them, add some condensed milk, and whip them across each layer of the coffee-soaked ladyfingers.

Using cheese curds for your recipes will result in dishes that are not just tasty but also quite healthy. When you have successfully recreated the recipes above, the next thing to do is to try coming up with your own blends and cuisine hacks that involve cheese curds. It could be easier than you think.

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