Benefits of having an ultrasound skin tightening procedure

Youthful looking skin even in one’s mature years is the result of an investment of time and money in quality products and aesthetics procedures like Ultherapy in London. No one’s skin is immune to the ageing process and extra help is required which is why today we have a flourishing beauty and aesthetics market in the UK. It is reported that sales in the skin care market is expected to reach an estimated value of £1.36 billion by 2023.

Multiple factors from overexposure to the sun to unhealthy lifestyles and stress have ruinous effects on the appearance of skin over time.

 Best insider tips to younger looking skin

 Choose facial products and beauty procedures that target age-related dryness

The skin is an organ like any other in the human body and needs to be taken care of by cleaning it of harmful substances that leave it looking lifeless and feeding it with nourishing creams and moisturisers, so that it continues to bloom fresh and vibrant. Facial cleansing routines should be thorough with effective cleansers that are suitable for individual skin types.

 Strengthen the repair process by stimulating collagen production

Skin care experts regard collagen as the secret ingredient in the fight against premature ageing. There are a variety of ways that you can encourage more collagen into the skin, such as the use of specially-formulated face creams and serums, and face treatments fortified with collagen-boosting ingredients that are performed at a reputable registered skin care clinic.

Protect the skin from the sun

Being out in the sun for long periods of time without first applying a quality sun protective product onto the skin increases one’s chances of UV ray damage to the skin (dark spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation) and hastening on the ageing process, in addition to the risk of skin cancer. Sun protective lotions with adequate sunscreen protection (SPF 30+) may need to be applied more than once throughout the day depending on how often and for how long you are out in the sun.

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Observe recommended skincare habits

Next to cleansing, two other responsibilities form part of a daily recommended skin care plan; toning and moisturising. These three tasks need to be performed religiously and implemented earlier rather than later.

Consume more vitamins and minerals that have anti-ageing benefits

Vitamins like vitamin C and A that can be sourced from a large and diverse array of natural healthy foods (fruit and vegetables) can provide a cost-effective way to develop a youthful looking skin. One’s diet is an incredibly important weapon to fight the ageing process


Drinking sufficient quantities of water to keep the body hydrated has the additional benefits of helping you look and feel younger as well as aiding in maintaining weight loss.

While you can’t entirely stop the ageing process dead in its tracks, you can hinder its progress with a consistent skin care routine designed to target the numerous tell-tale signs of ageing. For more reliable ways to take care of skin and protect it against premature ageing, or to find out which anti-ageing treatment would best benefit your individual skin type, contact your local skin clinic.

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