Become a Healthier Woman by Ditching These Bad Habits in Your 20s

Living your 20s can be a tough transition, especially if you’re coming from awkward teenage years. It can open up new struggles that you can simply ignore. You make mistakes, and you learn from them. But let’s talk about the bad habits. Smoking, high sugar intake, staying up late—all these often make a person feel like they’re living their life to the fullest. But the truth is that these habits can poor memory function, wrinkles, and obesity.

Generally speaking, bad habits can jeopardize your health, both physically and mentally. And breaking them? It takes a significant amount of commitment, effort, time—and some bits of frustration too. In this blog, we’re digging into some of the best ways to ditch your bad habits, slowly but surely.

1. Skipping breakfast

Living in our busy twenties often makes us forget the most important meal of the day. The reality is that many of us are always in a rush and often relying on a cup of coffee as a breakfast replacement. But did you know that this can lead to serious consequences for your health? For instance, skipping your breakfast can increase your risk of experiencing constant migraines or headaches.

Break this habit by allotting time to make a good breakfast meal every morning. Scientific studies found that eating breakfast regularly can promote healthier choices later, improve mental function, and boost a person’s metabolism.

2. Staying in toxic relationships

It’s easy to explore all kinds of relationships when you are young. Being in your 20s, it’s liberating and somehow exciting to experiment in relationships as we are still figuring out what we want in a romantic partner or friendship. But regardless of the type of buddy you’re searching for, there should be no excuses for tolerating a toxic relationship. Sometimes signs are not visible, but there are moments that there are obvious deal breakers.

Cut off from unhealthy relationships, friendships or romantic relationships. Your friends and your partner should make you feel loved, cared for, confident, and happy. This applies even in situations of disagreement. If they treat you without respect and affection, then it’s to reevaluate your relationship.

3. Being indoors for a long time


Don’t get us wrong, staying indoors is perfectly fine, especially if you need to take a rest or need your alone time. But if you’re staying inside your home for the rest of the day, your health might eventually suffer in ways you barely notice. Staying indoors for longer periods can result in a negative mood, boost lethargy, and take a toll on your mental health. Your body needs vitamin D too!

Make time to go outside and engage in outdoor activities with or without your friends. You don’t necessarily need to have a schedule for your outdoor ventures. Taking on a simple walk or working out when the weather is nice is already a huge step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Or, do your pastimes outside such as writing, reading, or panting in a nature park.

4. Consuming too much alcohol

Another common habit for twenty-something adults is drinking alcohol. If you are someone who consumes alcohol more than you should, then you might already know what consequences it comes with. It can negatively impact your mental and physical health. It can increase the risk of heart disease, liver damage, anemia, cancer, and nervous system problems.

In case you’re suffering from excessive alcohol drinking that seems uncontrollable for you, it’s best to seek the best recovery program that focuses on sober living for women. There are tons of sober living and recovery homes out there that you can contact. Apart from that, start taking small behavioral and lifestyle changes such as drinking in moderation and being cautious of what alcoholic beverages you drink.

5. Obtaining fast energy on sugar

Sugar treats can do boost your energy levels, but not for long. Plus, they do not contain a lot of nutritional value that your body really needs to feel energized throughout the day. Do you love to overindulge yourself in drinks and food with high sugar content? Well, note that consuming too much sugar can contribute to being overweight or obese. Avoid consuming too many sodas or soft drinks, lollies, or chocolate bars.

Indeed, bad habits are really tough to break. Why? Because most of the time, they are socially accepted, make us feel comfortable, and offer some payoff. But if you have a lifestyle change in mind and want to live healthier and happier in your 20s, taking on the daunting journey of breaking bad habits is something to focus on. Use our tips right here for a more manageable process.

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