Achieving the Glass Skin Through Makeup: Is it Possible?

Have you ever seen the trending Korean “glass skin”? It’s this fad that Korean girls invented — with most of them appearing to have perfectly flawless and poreless skin. Due to this, girls from all over the world are going crazy trying to follow this trend.

Sure, most of the Korean girls’ skin is pretty flawless all on their own, but they would not be able to achieve that kind of glowing and perfect skin without the help of skincare and makeup. Most of their products are designed to give out that glowing and dewy look, which Koreans are really fond of.

I personally do not use any Korean makeup or skincare, as my skin is naturally oily and dewy all on its own. I tend to get especially oily around my T-zone even just after an hour or two of putting on makeup. With that said, you know that I will look like an oil slick if I try to use dewy Korean products such as BB and CC Creams.

I still would love to try the “glass skin” look, which is why I went on to find the best makeup product that could give me a similar look. I have tried Kedma Cosmetics’ Mineral Makeup Cream and oh boy, did it change my makeup game. It corrects imperfections while giving my skin a glowing and flawless complexion. It has the right type of consistency — not too oily and not too matte and I can say that it definitely does not make me look like a hot mess after an hour or two.

Woman putting cream on face

This makeup cream is similar to that of a BB cream — it covers imperfections while making your skin still look like skin and not a cake of makeup. It has just the right amount of coverage to make me look effortlessly flawless. The best part is that it has sun filters, which protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun!

I apply this right after applying my moisturizer and before putting on any other makeup product on my face. I skip the primer altogether, as this product acts as a primer and foundation. I then apply the basics to give me that Korean glow — liquid cheek tint, eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of powder on my T-zone, and of course, lip tint.

This product really does it for me, as I usually do not use any other foundation or base product whenever I use this. I used to put on a lot of primer, foundation, powder, concealer, and bronzer. After a while, it got pretty old, which is why I have decided to try this product. And I was thankful that I did.

People tend to compliment me a lot whenever I use this product. It does not cake on me, plus, you can still see my natural skin peeking through even after all that makeup. I won’t be needing any other foundation for a few years, so let me stack up on this product. You definitely should try it out, too.

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