A Trip to Life After College

One of the sweetest victories in life is graduating college. It’s the culmination of the years of hard work exerted and the pain endured by every student. It’s the best representation that all the highs and lows were all worth it. What comes next after this is the most challenging reality to face – defining one’s future.

The lives of children before finishing college all had one role to fulfill for themselves and, of course, for their parents, and that is to study hard in school. Regardless of the chosen school, being educated is the key to success. Education allows anyone to expand his or her knowledge and teaches them to be critical. Once the chapter of college life is over, it is normal to suddenly feel overwhelmed and confused, not knowing the next steps to take. This is commonly known as the post-graduation depression due to the “abrupt transition when it’s over”. For the first time in the past two decades of their lives, post-graduate students face a life-changing decision to make for their future. It’s all easy on theory and paper, but it’s twice as hard once they are already experiencing it. This article will give post-graduate students an idea of what their lives will be like after college.

Entering a gap year program

Many post-graduate students opt for a gap year because they want to rest, which is understandable. College is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful years and everyone deserves a break after graduation. Gap years programs are being offered anywhere, such as in Australia and New Zealand. But more than taking a break, a survey released by the American Gap Association (AGA) in 2017 reveals that “most students want to learn and grow during their gap year.” This can mean gaining new experience, learning new cultures, or exploring possible career paths. Overall, there are positive effects to this opportunity.

woman applying for a job

Applying for a job

But not everyone can afford to take a year off. It may be due to financial constraints or one is sticking to his or her timeline as they have more to accomplish. The most obvious choice to do after college is to apply for a job. Post-graduates are expected to start being independent and the first step to this is to land a job, even if it’s not a high paying one. It’s important to note here that not all post-graduates will end up with a job aligned to his or her degree. That is completely fine because it’s just the beginning and nothing is ever certain. Everyone is still figuring out what he or she wants to end up doing in the next ten years or so.

Pursuing postgraduate studies

Even before graduating from college, some already have plans on studying again afterward. If one desires to be a licensed physician or lawyer, he or she needs another four years of studying. Postgraduate studies also include taking up a master’s degree. This is also a good opportunity to expand one’s knowledge in his or her chosen field and further discover a specialization. New York University’s Graduate School of Arts and Science cited that obtaining a master’s degree can help secure one’s career as he or she will become more eligible for more jobs. Professional and personal development will be realized in pursuing postgraduate studies.

So what’s life after college? It’s definitely uncertain. There are many things beyond one’s control. The next chapter will be full of surprises because one’s childhood dreams change. No one has the answer to the right and best decision to make. But for as long as one never stops trying, despite the mistaking along the way, things will slowly fall into place.

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